Letters to the Editor: October 23

Dear Mr. Johnston; The United Way East Kootenay says thanks

Dear Mr. Johnston

I did vote for you, Don, honestly, but I did get the impression that you had not been trying that hard. Sometimes I thought you had disappeared off the face of the earth.

Anyway, from what I’ve heard you wouldn’t have liked the job too much. Ex-politicians tell me that it is so frustrating trying to get the wishes of your constituents over to those in power.  Maybe next time, eh?

But, when I did cast that vote for you I felt that it was an utter waste of time. It was four o’clock on voting day and I already knew that your Liberals had won and that your Justin was the designate prime minister. Somebody just has to suppress completely the results of all polls until the last one on Vancouver Island has closed. The present situation is ludicrous.

Peter Warland Sr., Cranbrook

United Way

East Kootenay Residents:

On behalf of the United Way Board of Directors I wish to thank you for your support to the United Way East Kootenay, previously known as United Way Cranbrook and Kimberley. Your donations have helped to ensure that over 6,000 people every year receive the help they need from caring, support agencies.  United Way funding most often covers expenses not covered by other funders and ensures that seniors stay active and connected to their community, recreational activities are continued for children, youth and those disabled and that support programs remain in place to address a wide range of issues affecting the lives of many.

In 2015, sixteen agencies received United Way program funding in addition to two community projects that received support.  Tracked community donations allowed investments in Cranbrook and area, Windermere, the Columbia Valley and Fernie.   If you would like more information, please contact our office for more information.

This year $97,785 has been invested in the East Kootenay realizing a 24.9% increase over 2014 investments.  These community investments address our Focus Areas of:  All That Kids can be, Poverty to Possibility and Strong Communities.

Through the work of our United Way, the lives of many are being positively impacted. Our member agencies provide us with statistics and real stories on their successes throughout the year. The stories are encouraging: Children from single parent homes who have mentors helping them to be all that they can be, Young Parents gaining access to support services ensuring that their children receive a strong start in life, Seniors receiving more than just a place to live, but a place to be happy and connected to their neighbors, while staying productive in their community. In all cases not a handout, but a hand up.

There are so many stories and that is why we are looking to caring people like you to help us help more people.  If each resident of the East Kootenay made a minimum $10 donation every year to the United Way, think of the possibilities! Every dollar raised here, stays here!

Donna Brady Fields, Executive Director

United Way East Kootenay