Letters to the Editor: Oct. 21

Roads are important; Satirical piece misconstrued.

Road improvement

So Trevor, you say you hear a lot of talk from municipal candidates who want to fix the roads but no numbers. (“Roads paved with good intentions,” Oct. 16).

Well let me give you a number — $1,003,603. That’s the amount that went into the City’s road budget in 2014, thanks to the dedicated road improvement tax of one per cent that came out of the 2013 tax levy and was added to the roads budget to push it over the $3 million mark this year.

That measure, by the way, was brought in by the previous Mayor Manjak administration, and although I wasn’t a fan of all the things that administration did, I say good on them for bringing in the dedicated road improvement tax which is made up of one per cent of the revenue of the previous year’s property tax increase.

And you know something, Trevor — roads are important to any municipality and our roads would be in even worse condition than they are now if it wasn’t for our road improvement tax. That’s why this Councillor, if re-elected, is going to suggest that the road improvement tax be increased to 1.5 per cent in the 2015 fiscal year, keeping in mind that this is not a tax increase but a re-allocation of City spending from other areas to roads.

Roads are important, Trevor. Don’t you ever forget it!

Gerry Warner/Cranbrook

Satire misconstrued

Apparently my satirical piece that appeared in the Townsman (14 October) was taken seriously by some. I apologize for any difficulties that resulted for those who thought it was factual.  It serves as an example of the dangers of believing everything that appears in print.

The true intent of the piece was to encourage folks to think twice before attaching labels to individuals running for election (or not) without checking the facts.  The CLC has an enviable mission statement that seems quite reasonable to me.  It is a society open to anyone and I have been a long time member.  Although CLC stands for “Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook”, I sometimes think of it as “Clean Living Conservatives.”

Unfortunately, accusations and innuendos are common at pre-election time.  I believe most of us have a common desire to make Cranbrook a better place.  Opinions and beliefs of how to accomplish this are diverse, and that can serve us well when working together.

Jack Loeppky/Cranbrook