Letters to the Editor: Oct. 14

No full-time work; Another term for Council; The danger in our midst

No full-time

I would like to address what I feel is a serious problem in our community.

It seems these days it’s nearly impossible to find full-time employment in Cranbrook. Employers don’t offer full-time hours in an effort to cut costs and prevent workers from qualifying for benefits. It leaves workers scrambling to pick up three sometimes four jobs just to survive never mind dreaming about ever owning their own homes.

I don’t know when companies became so focused on cutting costs that they stopped valuing hard-working, honest, people who only ask that a job pays them enough to make a living. These businesses need to realize that people who are treated well at work tend to put forth more effort, increasing productivity, positive company feedback and driving more business.

Poor pay, poor working conditions and not enough hours are some of the leading factors to the high turnover most companies experience.

No person in this country should have to choose between paying for the roof over their head or the food on their table just because employers are only willing to hire for a handful of hours a week.

Courtney Eastveld (Working two jobs and getting nowhere)/Cranbrook

Another term

Over the past decade or more the City of Cranbrook infrastructure had been totally neglected. In 2012 a new Mayor and Council were elected bringing badly needed repairs to the City infrastructure. Potholes are being fixed, leaky water mains are being repaired, and cattle on the City pastures no longer have sewage effluent plumbed directly into watering tanks.

Let’s give our present Mayor and Council more than three years to restore years and years of neglect. With a good solid infrastructure our city will prosper and grow!

Jim Roberts/Cranbrook

The danger in our midst

I thank Mr. Matheson (Townsman, 6 October) for bringing to our attention the dangers of the disruptive and subversive organization — the “CLC”, which undoubtedly will raise havoc again during this pre-election season.

My sources indicate that the CLC is again attempting to run a “slate” of candidates in the forthcoming election, with the goal that all members of City Council and Mayor, as well as all City Staff, become members, thereby forcing all Cranbrook citizens to bend to their whims.

I do not believe the current Mayor is a member, and it is unfortunate that Ms. Cross let the “cat out of the bag” by admitting her past association with this underground society. I am not sure who the members are, although I should know, as I was one at their last board meeting.

The wishy-washy status of its members is what makes this organization so scary. Their innocuous infiltration techniques are secretive, even to members, as their membership is fluctuates as the political landscape changes.

I encourage everyone to check out their stated, but probably misleading, vision statement (livablecranbrook.blogspot.ca), which sounds a bit too “goody two shoes”.  Their unofficially stated mandate and vision is to reduce Cranbrook’s population back to 12,000 by reducing new business ventures. Their rationale is that a reduced and declining population will open up more low-cost housing for the increasing number of homeless and jobless citizens as real estate prices plummet, thus increasing the socioeconomic harmony and balance as more of us become dependent on each other for survival.

As anyone can see from their vision statement, they will object to all new business ventures, unless those include golf courses, condo development for part-time residents, express-ways and a flower pot and natural pot-hole on every block.

This is an organization to be feared and we must maintain constant vigilance that our friends and family are not infiltrated by this disruptive and secretive society. It would not surprise me if the CLC has links to the CPC (communist-party.ca). Being naive, I was a proud member of the CLC, but my status is now uncertain, and I fear I may not be allowed to withdraw my membership.

I am concerned because membership gives political pundits a label to stick on suspicious people running for public office.

Again, we thank Mr. Matheson for alerting us to this nefarious menace lurking in our midst.

Jack Loeppky/Cranbrook