Letters to the Editor: Nov. 5

Infrastructure woes; Kimberley-Concordia;'Home Care'

Infrastructure woes

Seven years ago at the Environmental Appeals Board Hearing evidence was given that the City of Cranbrook infrastructure had been neglected for many years and that it would take several years to update.

The pothole streets didn’t start when Mayor Stetski took office, they started many years before. As the Mayor pointed out at the Candidates Forum measures have been put in place to repair our streets and roads. You can look up your street on line at City of Cranbrook site to see when it has been scheduled for repair. There is only so much money for repairs without raising our taxes, it’s going to take time.

Some individuals would like you to believe that Mayor Stetski created the potholes and economy problems. Let’s get it straight, the issues the City is experiencing started years before Wayne Stetski and the new Council Members took office.

At the Candidates Forum I was hoping that Mr. Pratt had more to offer. From what I can see he will be faced with the same burdens as Mayor Stetski.

CLC [Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook], I thank you for being present at all the council meetings, for doing your homework and having the facts straight, for exposing wrong doings and being an excellent watch dog for our City.

You can’t build a house without a proper foundation, you can’t build a city without a proper infrastructure! With a good strong infrastructure the City will prosper and grow!

I want to thank all the candidates that have stepped up to serve our City.

Please come out to vote!

Give the Present Mayor and Council four more years! They are not the ones that have screwed up our infrastructure!

Jim Roberts/Cranbrook


The Kimberley-Concordia has been steaming through the troubled waters of sustainability since the Sullivan Mine closed in 2001. Although the voyage has been relatively uneventful until Captain McRae assumed the helm in November, 2011, conditions on the ship have been deteriorating at a rapid pace since then. All the safety factors that were put in place are quickly being depleted and the dedication to maintenance of the ship’s safety and longevity does not seem to be a priority anymore. The good ship Kimberley-Concordia is heading for the rocks and the Captain’s down in his bunk having what he thinks is a well earned nap.

If the ship hits the rocks there will be some survivors. They will be those that can afford to get out before the ship goes down. There will also be casualties: those of us who are on pensions or low fixed income who cannot afford to get off the ship in time. The Captain, of course will be standing on shore safe and sound, shaking his head and saying; I don’t know what happened, I was sleeping.

But wait! There is hope on the horizon. There is a new Captain that can take the helm. It will be a difficult task to turn the ship around and avoid ending up on the rocks, but due to his business experience and determination to return the ship to a seaworthy condition, I believe we can avoid an eminent disaster. His name is Captain Don McCormick and he will need our support, and your vote on November 15. If you want to sail with your head held high, please get out and VOTE!

Syd Fletcher/Kimberley

‘Home Care’

I would like to bring to your attention a new ruling from Interior Health. They will no longer be making house calls.

So what happened to the name “home care?” It was put in place so seniors could stay in their homes longer.

I needed a dressing changed twice a week. Now I have to get the bus to get my dressing changed. The bus ride is very hard on my back. So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I am sure there are people out there who are worse off than me.

Mary Scanland/Cranbrook