Letters to the Editor: Nov. 27

Letters to the Editor from the Thursday, Nov. 27 Townsman.

Thanks for support

I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past six years. It has been an honour and pleasure to work with and for you as a City Councillor. I have enjoyed learning more about our beautiful city and have come to appreciate how much our citizens care. Never stop caring about Cranbrook!

A huge thank you to all City staff in Public Works, Leisure Services, Engineering, the Airport, all our City Hall Departments, the Fire Department, R.C.M.P. and the Library. I have appreciated your guidance and thought provoking comments. I realized very early on in my first term how hard our City staff work each and every day on behalf of our citizens. They are dedicated women and men!

I wish only the best to our new council — may you enjoy your time on council as I have!

Once again, thank you to everyone who has enriched my life over the past six years! I am truly grateful.

Councillor Denise Pallesen/Cranbrook

A few words from the mayor

Congratulations to Lee Pratt, Tom Shypitka, Ron Popoff, Isaac Hockley, Danielle Cardoza, Norma Blissett and Wes Graham on being elected.  It will be challenging to live up to your election promises but I do wish you all the best!

Thank you to James Elliott, Bob Faiers, Anna Hudson, Brian Kostiuk, Alan MacBean, Brad Scriver, Lynn McIntosh and John York for running — democracy is best served by having choices, and it was great to see your sincere interest in Cranbrook and its future.

A special thank you to Councillors Sharon Cross, Bob Whetham, Angus Davis, Diana J. Scott and Gerry Warner for your support — you are much appreciated!  Collectively, including Councillor Pallesen, I believe the seven of us represented the diverse interests of our citizens well.

I want to leave the new Mayor and Councillors with a couple of challenges.

You all had a group of people helping you to get elected. After you are sworn in on December 8 you owe them a big Thank You, but that’s all. Once you are in the seats as Municipal Leaders you are Public Servants and your loyalty is to all of the people of Cranbrook. You need to move our community forward for Youth and Seniors, for Arts and Culture, for Recreation and the Environment, by helping to recruit family doctors and to reduce poverty, and yes, of course, by building the economy and fixing infrastructure, including potholes.

Every decision needs to be made in the context of “Is this in the best interest of our citizens and our city?” That can be challenging but in reality that is what you signed on for and what the people of Cranbrook expect from you.

I want to issue a special challenge to incoming Mayor Lee Pratt. Over the last three years the Mayor’s office has become a place where every citizen has a voice and every concern is listened to. My focus has been on accessibility, transparency and respectfulness and ensuring everyone contacting my office knows that they are valued members of our community whether they are happy with the City or not. I encourage you to keep your door open and to follow that same approach, including holding Saturday Coffee With the Mayor sessions and monthly Brown Bag Meetings.

A special thanks to the 2,192 voters who share in my vision of what Cranbrook can be, and thanks to all of the people of Cranbrook for three great years.  It is you who made the job so enjoyable and it has been an honour to work for you and with you. Together we have made Cranbrook a great place to call Home!

Now, about those potholes which I understand are soon to disappear from all over town …!

Mayor Wayne Stetski/Cranbrook