Letters to the Editor: Nov. 20

Operation Tungsten; Area C Director; Thanks for voting; Restorative Justice Week

Operation Tungsten

I feel obliged to correct some inaccuracies that appeared in the Townsman article ” Raining Terror  on the Tirpitz” November 10, 2014.

Firstly, the photo on the front page was not taken by my plane; we had no camera. Those bursting bombs could have been dropped by other aircraft.

Secondly, regarding Tirpitz’ armour plating, the combined deck thickness was 8 inches whereas the side plating at the waterline, in places, was 15 inches .

Finally, my rank at that time was Lieut.(A) R.N.V.R.; not Pilot Lieut.

Bud Abbott/Cranbrook

Area C Director

Dear Area C residents;

Thank you for your continued support as I begin my fourth term as your Area C Electoral Director.

I take the responsibility to entrust in me very seriously, and if I can be of assistance to you do not hesitate to contact me.

Rob Gay/Cranbrook

Thanks for voting

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cranbrook citizens for getting out there to vote this past election.  I think you have chosen a council and mayor that will serve you well in the coming four years.

Although I would have loved to have worked with them as many share my philosophy for advancing the City, I know they will do a great job for the community.  I’m excited to see what the future brings for Cranbrook and wish them all well.

As for me, I will continue to be involved in the community and will, of course promote our great city however I can.  It’s been a wonderful six years. It’s been a privilege working for you.

I know one of the things I will miss most is the staff.  Council may set the policy and direction for the corporation, but it is the staff who work tirelessly day in and day out to make sure our city is running smoothly.  Thank you for all you do!  I will miss you all.

Diana J. Scott/Cranbrook

Restorative/Justice Week

November 16, 2014, began Restorative Justice Week in B.C., and many of our citizens are still unaware that Cranbrook has an active and viable alternative to the established legal process that saves money, is  timely and  is effective in reducing crime and repeat offenders.

Restorative justice is a philosophy on reducing harm which, has existed in various forms for  millennia. There are many  forms of restorative justice in the world, Restorative Mediation,  Family Group Conferencing, Community Justice Forums, Healing Circles etc,  but these all share a unique set of values that are central. Including respect, inclusiveness, empathy, communication, understanding, sharing and  other values   that you and your family have in common  with your  friends and neighbours.

Restorative  Justice focuses on  the crime as an act against the individual or the community rather than the government  and it tries to see that amends are made for the harm that has been caused.  Putting someone in jail or fining them doesn’t fix the damage or pain that was caused to the victim, but restorative justice tries and succeeds most of the time. It connects the offender  to the community, the victim and to values that may not  have been taught. It brings the victim and offender and police  into the same room with experienced Facilitators drawing out the participants and stating  the impact the crime has had and then  finding a solution that is just and  repairs the harm that was done.  Sometimes only an apology letter is required, other times community work service  or a charitable donation will suffice. Outcomes are realistic and can be creative.

Cranbrook & District Restorative Justice (CDRJ) has been incorporated as a non-profit, charitable society  since 2005 and has impacted well over  a 1000 people in our community. It has given victims a chance to be involved in a process that   has fixed and  empowered them  rather than be  mute bystanders in a confusing  legal  process.

For very little money CDRJ  has served Cranbrook & Kimberley for many years and hopes to do so for many more with our highly skilled and  dedicated volunteers. Offering justice and mediation services CDRJ has  assisted to negotiate satisfactory outcomes with the police, the courts, ICBC, neighbors, schools,  families and any one or organization that needs an objective third party to help reach a just outcome. We are here to make our community a better and safer place.

CDRJ is located in Cranbrook at 930 Baker Street and can be reached  at 250-919-5533.

W.J. Barger/Program Coordinator, Cranbrook and District Restorative Justice