Letters to the Editor: May 11

Letters to the Editor: May 11

Cranbrook Cadets

The Cadet Program in Cranbrook is in significant need of adult leaders to train, administer and supervise cadets in 1813 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. The Cadet Program is community based and right now we do not have the community support we need to continue offering a dynamic, structured and engaging program, one that has been life-changing to so many youth in this area.

You may not be aware that the adult leaders of the Cadet Program come from your community; they are parents, educators, neighbours and friends. Becoming part of the Cadet Program as a Civilian Instructor or a Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Officer is a choice that many adult leaders in Cranbrook have already made throughout the years, and one we hope others will consider. It’s easier than you may think, it’s a lot of fun and the skills you learn as an adult leader are transferable to your regular employment.

The cadets in your community, your children and their friends, make valuable contributions through citizenship and community-service activities. They are developing valuable life skills such as leadership, self-confidence, self-esteem, communication and teamwork. And they are relying on you to make a difference by ensuring the Cadet Program continues in this community.

If you would like to know more about the opportunities available as an adult leader in the Cadet Program, please contact Major Kevin Debiasio at 250-231-0710 or kevin.debiasio@cadets.gc.ca.

Thank you for your continued support,

• LCol Neville Head, Commanding Officer, Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific)

• David Hood, President, Navy League of Canada BC Mainland Division

• Kirk Jones, President, Army Cadet League of Canada BC Branch

• Doug Slowski, President, Air Cadet League of Canada BC Provincial Committee

Rushing to Aid

This past week we had a serious fire situation in Wasa. Two families lost their homes and more would have been affected were it not for one of our neighbours. I think Larry Gould from Mardis Lumber should get some recognition for not only being the best neighbor, but for his dropping everything and rushing to the aid of the community in Wasa with his water truck and pumps. His efforts along with a truck from EAC prevented the fire from destroying one more home and very likely the whole block.

This is not the first time Larry has come to the rescue in a fire situation. Last spring a grass fire on Skookumchuck Prairie threatened a few homes on acreages and that time a large caterpillar came over the hill from Mardis to control the fire.

Good neighbours are hard to find, and we sure appreciate the one we have!

Helen Hannah


Viable Third Party Needed

I held off writing this letter until after the election so as not to sway anyone from voting one way or another.

I’d like to start off by thanking those of you who exercised your democratic right to vote. I would also like to thank the men and women who sacrificed to give us our democratic rights.

Over the past few weeks we have been inundated with commercials, signs, and even self-serving visits from political leaders who otherwise ignore some areas until they want something from us. Seeing Christy Clark don a hardhat, hi vis vest, and standing in front of a group of sawmill workers is somewhat insulting considering her only motive was for their votes, portraying herself as one of the “regular” people. Another commercial showed her “helping” victims of recent flooding by laying a sandbag. Did anyone notice her “helping” in high heels? Insulting. If she truly wanted to help, there would have been no cameras there and she would have been in work clothes like everyone else. These are examples of blatant photo opportunities at our expense.

Bill Bennett and the Liberals told us all the great things they’ve done for us, but fail to tell the whole story. “The BC Liberal government has balanced five consecutive budgets”. Is this a tremendous feat? Have they paid off a significant portion of the deficit? Millions of people balance their budgets, so to crow about doing it for 5 years doesn’t seem too difficult. Have taxes been lowered, PST gone? What about the cost of fuel at the pumps? Barrel of oil is at a low, but the government doesn’t seem to be fighting to change that. Why? Because they reap huge taxes off of it otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to curb their over spending and protect their lucrative pensions, so another area where the Government fails to support their constituents.

“BC is creating more good jobs than any other province under the BC Liberals.” We don’t hear of the jobs lost, (Canal Flats Sawmill for example, maybe Christy should have had her photo op there) nor do we hear of the wages of these jobs. Are they minimum wage and are they even created by the Government or from the private sector?

“Health funding has increased 16 years in a row” yet many of us are without a Doctor. Funding to the EKRH has increased but they shut down many hospitals to have the funding for this. With the hospital closures, doctors left these areas and the sick and elderly pay the price.

Now, the performance of the NDP in the 1990’s was ugly and a future with them didn’t look rosy either. Raising minimum wage to $15 and hour does nothing but increase the cost of everything else, and closes the doors of many small businesses. This creates more unemployment, and would eliminate anyone from trying to start a business. Funding for daycare is an honorable thought, but having taxpayers foot the bill for someone else’s children isn’t. You had them, you raise them. I have no problem paying school taxes. That’s an investment in our future, but I refuse to pay subsidized daycare for people who want a big house, 2 vehicles, an RV, quads, and trips to Mexico.

Lastly, the Green party would shut the province down with their environment first attitude. The economy would drop faster than the Canadian dollar. In my opinion, they aren’t a viable option.

So where does this leave us? How about with the whole truth? Not just what they want to tell us.

We need a viable third party that fairly represents all of us

The people need to take back this province from the government. Let them know that they work for us!

The parties can dictate where MLA’s are seated in the Legislative Assembly, but we the people dictate who gets to sit there. That can only happen when we get out and vote.

Martin Lord