Letters to the Editor: June 13

Letters to the Editor: June 13

New start, warm welcome

My name is James LeClair and for the last 18 years my wife Dianne and I have been huge hard core Kootenay Ice fans.

Since this team arrived here to become part of our community, win or lose we are proud to say we are Kootenay Ice fans and supporters.

This is about a new beginning and an exciting new era for our Kootenay Ice hockey team.

I am thrilled and excited about our new ownership in Greg Fettes and Matt Cockell and our new coaches in James Patrick and Jon Klemm and would like to congratulate and welcome all these gentlemen to our Kootenay Ice family. This is a new start and we are extremely lucky to have a group of this calibre.

I believe these people bring the commitment, spirit and love for the game that will build on the great and outstanding tradition of winning excellence that our team has experienced over the last 18 years. In my opinion they have made much more than a financial investment in buying a junior hockey team, they have made a commitment to our community and the whole East Kootenay region.

I am absolutely certain Mr.Cockell and his management team will work with due diligence and energy to restore the fun, enthusiasm and excitement that is Kootenay Ice hockey.

I know all these outstanding people will commit themselves to a more competitive team and they will also dedicate themselves to accomplishing good things on and off the ice.

As I have always said, we do have the best fans in the WHL, our new owners have already shown their commitment to this team and in turn, to us the fans. This has always been about us the fans and the strength of our support for this team. These people and the players of this team are deserving of our strong support, let’s help our team realize their goal of 2,500 season tickets. Its up to us — let’s prove to ourselves and to our new owners that this team and it’s tremendous tradition belongs here in Cranbrook.

I encourage everyone to reach out and support our Kootenay Ice and embrace our new owners, our new coaching staff and give them all a warm Cranbrook welcome.

James LeClair


SD5 Track Meet

I had the pleasure of attending the School District No. 5 Elementary Schools Track Meet on June 6. The teachers and administrators that organized this event did an outstanding job. All of the adults involved reflect greatly on the School District and themselves.

Grant Giles