Letters to the Editor: July 11

A foul idea: Say no to backyard chickens in Cranbrook.

Mayor Stetski and Cranbrook council members should consider the opinions of residents very carefully before voting to allow chickens to be raised within the City of Cranbrook.

Regardless of whether other communities allow this practice it is not in the best interest of the majority of Cranbrook residents to allow chickens to be harboured within city boundaries.

Limits and restrictions set through bylaw regulations invariably will be exceeded, birds abandoned and coops not maintained, all of which could lead to inter-neighbour disputes and health and safety issues.

A close parallel to this would be the lack of consideration some cat owners have for their neighbours and city bylaws and the inability of animal enforcement personnel to control cats despite their best efforts.

Most importantly there is the potential for attracting an increased number of wild predators into the city which is a concern not to be taken lightly; a factor which Kimberley City Council wisely used in deciding not to change their bylaw to allow this practice.

Chicken raising within the Cranbrook city limits  — a foul idea!

Jim Kennedy/Cranbrook