Letters to the Editor: Jan. 7

Kudos to attitude and efficiency of the folks at the Transfer Station.

Transfer Station kudos

As we look down the road of a new year ahead and make our plans, I’d like to pass along a bouquet to the girls who run our Cranbrook transfer station. Governments large and small, who spend our hard earned tax dollars, and are now planning their budgets for the year ahead, could all take a lesson here on attitude and efficiency.

I make a weekly visit to our waste facility to deposit our family household waste, and sometimes old appliances, tires, batteries, and cardboard, glass, etc. for recycling, and am always greeted with a friendly smile, as the staff there check the contents of each vehicle. Yes, apparently you can be available to quickly interview each and every customer in a friendly professional manner and give clear instructions or collect fees, hour after hour and day after day.

The efficiency of sorting scrap wood, metals, tires, cardboard, appliances, grass clippings, Christmas trees, etc, mostly free of charge all makes me wonder why I sometimes still encountering these same items dumped by idiots in our beautiful backcountry. Guess it’s sort of like the way I feel about government waste. Ignorant and unnecessary.

I don’t believe there is another business or government office in Cranbrook that handles the customer traffic that this facility does on a daily basis, seven days a week, and with what seems to me, very few staff.

So, keep up the good work here, and I hope you’ll share your knowledge with any Government Ministry that may drop by your work place to see what I’m talking about.

Ken C. Miller/Cranbrook