Letters to the Editor: Jan. 23

BC not blameless; Farbrook should come first; Proud to be Canadian

BC Not Blameless

Re: U.S. ripping us off on water (B.C. Views, Jan. 7).

I am a scholar of Columbia River Treaty history and live in the region where all the losses occurred. My own upcoming book about the treaty, A River Captured, represents a decade of research and travel across the Columbia Basin on both sides of the boundary. This is a big, complex story that deserves lots of attention.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the U.S. was not necessarily the Big Bad Wolf we would like to make them out to be.

In fact, the U.S. formally asked Canada in the 1930s if this country had an interest in those salmon that would be blocked and it was Canada that said no. Had Canada’s response been different, we might have gotten that fish ladder and saved our unique Interior salmon runs.

There was considerably controversy over the treaty between its signing in 1961 and its ratification by Canada in 1964. During that time, the agreement was on the edge of being tossed out, with Prime Minister Lester Pearson actively promoting the negotiation of a new treaty during his 1963 election campaign.

The U.S., as a result of their own shifting water policies, would have very likely cooperated with changing or scrapping that treaty. It was Canada’s federal bureaucrats who went into high gear to justify what had been signed and make sure it went through.

There is no question in my mind that Canada and B.C.’s government agencies played a very significant role in making the mess we got in 1964.

Eileen Delehanty Pearkes/Nelson

Farbrook First

Re: The proposed new subdivision above Farbrook Auto Wrecking:

This argument has been played out over the past many years, in other cities. An existing business, on the fringes of the city, then the city decides to expand and put in new subdivisions. Some of these instances have been air ports, packing plant, golf courses and more.

Once the new subdivision has been completed and lots and homes built and settled, the new owners start whining and complaining about the noise, the smell, the traffic and anything else they can find to whine about.

It’s going to be the same here with this new subdivision. In the article is Wed’s paper shows it has already started. And what’s going to be the problem? Farbrook Wreckers. The developer, the home owners are all going to be whining and complaining about the smell, the dust, the noise and whatever else they can think of.

As in so many other situations, it’s time people started to take responsibility for their own actions and choices.

As in most of those situations, the original business, in this case Farbrook. is going to end up the bad guy. They were there first, and for a long time.

When people decide to buy and build in that new subdivision the one most important thing they should look at is where it is and who is there. They all know, before going in, that Farbrook is there. If they don’t want the smell, the dust, the noise, it’s very simple. DON’T BUY AND BUILD THERE. Problem solved.

There is no reason Farbrook should have to curtail their operations, move somewhere else, shut down, or any other ” proposed” solutions. That particular location is and has been industrial. Those who want to make it residential, had better look at who their neighbours are and make an Informed, adult decision, and live with that choice.

Unless they were there first and Farbrook wanted to move in, then yes, they would have a legitimate case and argument. But, in this case, Farbrook has the right to operate, without being hassled or curtailing their operations.

It’s very simple, Farbrook, wins. Period. You don’t want an existing industrial site next door, don’t move in there. Take responsibility for your own actions and choices.

Tom Haverko/Cranbrook

Proud I’m Canadian

In the Daily Townsman of January 19, one of our previous local politicians wrote that people used to wear Canadian flags when they travelled. He indicated this is no longer a practice. My wife and I have travelled to many countries, as recently as this past October and I’m proud to say that many tourists still enjoy and display our Canadian flags. What we have also found interesting has been tourists of other countries wearing Canadian T-shirts — now why would they do that?

I personally believe people love Canada and love to pretend that they are Canadians. What quickly gives them away is when they talk, because no one can talk like Canadians, eh?

Regarding our Prime Minister and our very good elected government, I believe we should be grateful to both our federal government and our military who actually keep us strong and free. We have our RCMP who protect us every day and whom we trust to be free of corruption and political interference. We have provincial and local governments who are elected through a democratic process and empowered to take care of us. We have all ages of education systems that are open to all Canadians and including many foreign students.

I believe that the only Canadians wanting to escape from Canada are criminals. We have people in many countries waiting to relocate to Canada and begin new lives. Why would these people want to come to Canada if it’s such a bad place?

The recent Ipsos Reid poll shows our Federal Conservatives at 35 per cent support nationally, the Federal NDP at 24 per cent and the Federal Liberals at 31 per cent. The same poll showed Prime Minister Harper’s rating as 49 per cent.

Another interesting news item is from the Conference Board of Canada showing results from the Gallop World Poll titled “Life Satisfaction.” In this study it gives Canada an “A” and ranks Canada 2nd of 17 peer countries with Denmark as 1st, Norway as 3rd then Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Ireland, the US and the UK. The life satisfaction indicator measures how people evaluate their life as a whole.

Canada is one of the best countries in the world and I think we should be comfortable with telling that truth to everyone and enjoy wearing our Maple Leaf. Don’t believe the skeptics about Canada and please thank our RCMP, our federal, provincial and municipal politicians, and especially our military.

Ken Bettin/Cranbrook