Letters to the Editor: Jan. 20

Kudos to City Staff; Flood Plains; Fluoride Debate; Missing Canada

Cranbrook City staff

Re: Cranbrook City Council 2015-19 Budget Meeting:

I hope the new Mayor and Council recognize how lucky they are to have such hard working and knowledgable support staff at City Hall.

Last week’s night’s budget meeting showed how dedicated these people are and each question raised was answered in depth, thus allowing the elected ones to make informed decisions.

Thank You Wayne Staudt and the rest of the Staff — one cannot imagine the amount of documents you read to be this good. All citizens of Cranbrook should be proud to have you on the payroll.

Sandra Cave/Cranbrook

Flood Plains

Today 30 neighbors from within the city of Cranbrook and the Regional District met to discuss and learn about our flooding risk.  We heard that half of Cranbrook was developed and approved for sale on a flood plain. The other half of the city has been provided with storm sewers that were intended to quickly deliver rain and melting snow water to the flood plain.

We learned about major flooding that has happened in the past. We heard it is going to happen again. It is not a matter of if it happens. There is plenty of evidence that it will happen again soon. Our Elizabeth Lake and Idlewild neighbors know what it is like to be flooded. There are also plenty of flood victims within the City of Cranbrook. When the storm sewers are not maintained people are flooded. You may have heard stories about Cranbrook homes and businesses with sump pumps that operate 24 hours a day. If you are wondering about what happens when you build a road on saturated ground you just need to take a drive in Cranbrook to get your answer.

At the bottom of my letter is a link to an old newspaper clipping that explains why the ground in Cranbrook is saturated in water. The article predicts that there will be major flooding a year or two after Elizabeth Lake is flooded. Elizabeth Lake experienced record flooding in 2014.

Accountability for water management is a buck passing experience. In Cranbrook we need to hold the Federal government, provincial government, the Regional District, The City, Ducs Unlimited and The Columbia Trust Basin responsible. They have all had a hand in the mismanagement of our water. Please don’t count on our politicians. They need help in realizing this is a priority. Today 30 caring taxpayers met to start working on a plan. We welcome you to join us. I know we will have lots of support when half the town is flooded. Join us today and maybe we can do something before there is flooding. I am in the phone book if you want to help us.

Link to the article that explains why Cranbrook ground is saturated in water:


Bill Sutherland/Cranbrook

Fluoride debate

The debate is still on in Cranbrook regarding fluoride in the domestic water supply. To all the folks who want fluoride in the water, here is something for you.

There is no link between less cavities and a fluoridated water supply. There are links between fluoride nd everything from hyperthyroidism and kidney problems to lowered IQ.

98 per cent of Europe does not add fluoride to the water. But over 60 per cent of the water in the US is fluoridated.


Here is a great video from Nextworld Health TV. Sign up if you like what you see.


J. Adank/Kimberley

Missing Canada

Do you remember when people from many countries put Canadian flags on their backpacks when traveling? Everyone wanted to be seen as Canadian because being Canadian allowed safe travel all over the world.

Things have changed. Now not even Canadians are necessarily willing to plaster their luggage with the flag like we once did. Canada’s reputation on the world stage has changed significantly and we have Stephen Harper and the Conservative government to thank for that.

Do you know what thought keeps coming to mind these days when I think about this country? I want our Canada back!

Canada used to be recognized for helping to keep the peace. Canadian troops were very good at it, and we were respected around the world for our leadership in bringing people together. Now it seems like we go to war whenever certain nations ask us to.

Not only are we putting our sons and daughters in harms way, we are compounding the problem by treating our returning soldiers very poorly. It is heartbreaking to see how the Conservative government treats our veterans.

Years ago I made the commitment that I would not complain about an issue unless I was willing to do something about it. I miss the Canada that I love and cherish, and I am concerned for its future. I know many of you feel the same way, and with the upcoming Federal election, we are going to get the chance to do something about it.

Let’s get our Canada back.

Wayne Stetski/Cranbrook