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Letters to the editor: Gradual destruction

It appears that the regime in Ottawa regards science as the enemy.

Bud Abbott/Cranbrook

It appears that the regime in Ottawa regards science as the enemy. Science, by definition, is knowledge which must be strictly controlled. Spin, on the other hand, should be freely available.

After 44 years of valuable service to Canada and the World, the Experimental Lakes Area project (E.L.A.), near Kenora, Ontario, is dead. Its slaughter by the Federal Government has been described by environmental scientists world wide as barbaric! Unbelievable!

But this was only one of scores of environmental projects that have been snuffed out by the Harper regime of suppression and control. The number of research scientists that have lost their jobs over the past few years runs into thousands and those that are left are afraid to speak out.

Many other small, “unfriendly” organisations and N.G.O.s have been starved to death by withdrawal of funding. They were not profitable. Sure, they cost us a few million dollars. But that amount was paltry compared to the billions owing in uncollected income taxes. And the billions and billions wasted on useless and harmful prescription drugs. And the billions and billions and billions expended on futile armaments.

Under cover of those outrageous Omnibus bills, and to remove obstacles to industry, this government has smuggled through numerous measures designed to weaken and even destroy many of the checks andsafeguards that Canadians have built up over the past 50 years or so.

We pay a price for these measures — are we any better off?

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