Letters to the Editor: Feb. 18

Mystery Valentine's; Watershed concerns; Deer cull

Mystery Valentines

I would like to thank the person who places hand-made valentines on the trees of the homes along 34th Avenue each and every year.  I really appreciate the thought that goes into this and I wanted to let that person know that we look forward to receiving these lovely decorations on our trees each year.

Karen Clark/Cranbrook

Watershed Concerns

I read in the paper that there are plans for more trails in the Mathew Creek watershed. I’m glad to see there was opposition from Kimberley City Council.

Last fall I came across the 2.7 km upgrade to the “Round the Mountain” trail being built in the watershed. As it involved trees taken down and grub hoed portions into the bank I wrote my concerns to the environment minister who referred me to the trails part of the Forest Service. They told me that this was applied for in 2010 and was approved. They also said that the government had paid for removing the trees.

After reading their study I felt they never took in account the effect the trails would have on the animals in the area. This upgrade was put right through prime wildlife cover and huckleberry patches. I felt that it could eventually push elk and bears into town as they got used to more people. The elk are all around us now and compared to deer you don’t want that problem showing up in town. A lot of bears, including grizzlies, are right close to that part of the trail. I’ve seen wolves chasing elk down the trail.

The Forest Service agreed this could send more animals into town but felt it would happen anyway. Why risk it so close to city limits? If those grizzlies do show up in town chances are they will be destroyed. There are trails all through the Nature Park and into the Horsebarn Valley which is getting out of city limits and pushing into the watershed from the east. This was all historic prime winter range for mule deer as it is part of Sunflower Hill. I believe a good reason we have a deer problem in Kimberley now.

I see now they want to use old logging roads in Bootleg for more trails. This is the west side of our watershed. There is already a bike trail that comes right down to the flats that I never saw before last fall. I asked the Forest Service if this was legally cut but never did get an answer. They did say that trails were to be kept to a minimum on the Bootleg side. If they want to use old logging roads why did they quit using the old road that the Round the Mountain upgrade was made to bypass? There was also a trail just above it that could have been used so I could see no reason for that 2.7 km of new trail. You can clearly see the scar of this trail from the Bootleg road.

I talked to people working on the upgrade who assured me that this would be the last trail applied for in our watershed. That was in October. Obviously they did have more plans. Do we want mountain bike trails all over our watershed? I hope City Council, being a watershed stakeholder, opposes this as these trails are escalating at an alarming rate.

Randy Wallach/Marysville

Very Wrong

Kill them! Kill them all in increments.

No deer has ever killed a human. Deer herds are rare now. Bucks even more rare. It is very wrong. Very. But that’s what you’re all about — destruction in the name of “protecting” the public.

They are part of God’s great creation. There are alternatives.

Again, I will state publicly that culls are not the answer. It is wrong. Just over 52 per cent of the world’s species are gone now … are you concerned? Wake up!

Some of these deer may be already pregnant for all you know, given that there wasn’t much of a winter and it’s like spring already.

Rhonda (Jackson) Brass/Cranbrook