Letters to the Editor: Dec. 5

I find myself content with the candidates elected by the voters of our community for new Mayor and Council.


I find myself content with the candidates elected by the voters of our community for new Mayor and Council. I’m especially happy that three of candidates I voted for will now be sitting at council meetings. However I find it a sad that outgoing Mayor Wayne Stetski and Council could not have been awarded more time. Three years is not enough time to make changes.

I would like to thank Mayor Stetski, Councillors Sharon Cross, Gerry Warner for their three years’ service, and Bob Whetham for his six years of service. Prior to the last election of 2011 all of you came forward spending countless hours of fact finding and research which brought about change to our sewage infrastructure. I especially thank you for helping shut down the sewage effluent discharge into Hillbar Creek which flowed over top our well. Also for bringing cleaner water to the cows that graze on the City Irrigation Site. In my view you also saved the City a hefty lawsuit from the underground sewage effluent flow that washed out the CPR tracks at Fort Steele.

I am looking forward to the new Mayor and Council continuing the improvements that our previous Mayor and Council have started on our sewage infrastructure. I still have concerns, such as how all the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. are removed, as no one has given me a satisfactory explanation as of to date. There are still areas where the cattle are drinking out of watering dugouts that need to be tested often for E.coli and fecal bacteria counts. Lagoon 2 continues to leak hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of sewage effluent into the ground, possibly putting Fort Steele ground water at risk.

TSE “treated sewage effluent”. I do not consider the sewage effluent treated until it is returned to the same quality as before passing through a municipality!

Mayor Stetski, Councillors Sharon Cross, Gerry Warner, and Bob Whetham, your stay was short. However you showed up at the right moment in time and made changes that this City desperately needed. I and my family sincerely thank each and every one of you and all the voters that gave you that opportunity to make these changes in 2011!

We wish you the very best in the years ahead.

Jim Roberts and Family