Letters to the Editor: Dec. 5, 2015

Letters to the Editor that ran in the Daily Townsman on Dec. 5, 2015

Climate Change

On Dec. 3, thousands have gathered in Paris to consummate the World’s Greatest Hoax – “Climate Change”. For those who have not figured it out, climate change on Earth has been going on for the past 3.7 billion years and is not about to change because of this gigantic, carbon spewing party in Paris.

We base the climate change premise on a few things. One, it is warmer now than when we were kids. Two, the remnants of the huge ice sheets, now called glaciers, are receding, a few metres a year. Third, we are are getting extremes in weather.

All of this is based on observations from the past 150 odd years. The one thing it is not based upon is scientific facts. Because if it were ,the story would be told that the last “Glacial Maximus” occurred 17,000 years ago and the ice sheets melted from it’s toe in Northern Oregon all the way to the top of Alaska, a distance of some 5,000 km’s.

This Ice Age ended 12,000 years ago. This means that for 5000 years this huge ice sheet, 3 to 4 km’s thick melted an average of one KM per year. This clearly indicates the temperatures during this great ice melt must have been one hellava lot warmer than today.

There are four groups that benefit from this great hoax. First is the environmental movement that beg for donations to fight the 3.7 Billion year old climate change. The second is the scientific community that pleads for research funds from government (the tax payer), business and industry to pay for their research. The third is the Johnny come lately, our Government, and their well thought out carbon tax which will do nothing more than cost the lowly taxpayer an increase in taxes.

Carbon emissions will not change and their rate of increase will continue to rise. Lastly the UN will get billions upon billions ever year from world governments to play their power games with.

Weather extremes are easy to explain, we have no written, nor anecdotal records of past large weather events so we do not know how dramatic past events were 500 and more years ago.

My confidence is without a job killing carbon tax and without the cry wolf fossil fools, healthy humans will continue to walk the earth.

Water is the overlooked resource that is being used as our sewer and this needs to be a greater priority than carbon taxes.

Larry Hall