Letters to the Editor: August 7

Thank you to St. Mary residents; JulyFest success; Misanthropy and Generosity; A Life Saved

Thank you to St. Mary residents

On the afternoon of Sunday July 5 a crew of four Kimberley Search and Rescue members were searching the north shore of the St. Mary River for a missing person.

The searchers encountered private property part way through the search and, therefore, knocked on a door for trespass permission.

When apprised of the situation several of the residents in the area immediately ceased what they were doing and offered the search crew assistance. Individual residents personally guided them to access trails, pointed out where recent high water had changed some channels on the river and alerted their neighbours to the presence of the searchers. These actions were extremely helpful to the ground search team. The team is grateful for the assistance, understanding and empathy shown them by the residents.

While it was a sad and traumatic situation that was unfolding the actions of the St. Mary residents demonstrates how the people of our area rise to the task of helping out when the need exists.

The members and directors of Kimberley Search and Rescue wish to thank the residents of the St. Mary area residents for their assistance.

Scott MacLeod, President Kimberley Search and Rescue

JulyFest Success

The Kimberley & District Chamber of Commerce congratulates the volunteers and participants of the 42nd JulyFest on a great success.

This year, we saw the parade continue growth by both street attendance and parade entries.  Meg Chapman did a fantastic job of ensuring the organization of the parade, and scheduling all of JulyFest volunteer assignments.  We also want to thank the United Church for being hospitable by allowing parade participants to use their facilities for costume preparation, as well as providing muffins and coffee.

The Kids Fest at Rotary Park expanded to include two bouncy castles, caricature paintings, entertainers, and on-site supervision all free of charge.  We greatly appreciate all the young people who were able to come out and enjoy the day at the park.

The Canadian Bocce Championships was well attended with 210 teams competing in the three-day tournament.  The Championships included a variety of food vendors, 10 live bands in the bocce pits, licensed security, and a large family of volunteers to make it all happen.  Many of these volunteers made their way to the Civic Centre to prepare for the Big Sugar and Wide Mouth Mason sold-out show later on Saturday evening.  These people dedicated many hours of volunteer time to ensure the success of JulyFest and we are incredibly grateful for their support.

Once again, Dave Clarke guided the event through his organizational and leadership skills.  He has raised the bar again in showcasing JulyFest and Kimberley and we appreciate his hard work.

The Chamber would like to address recent headlines in The Daily Bulletin on July 22nd and July 28th.  These headlines inferred that RCMP intervention was required for JulyFest.  This was not the case, as later detailed in each article.  Although RCMP presence near the Civic Centre is part of the security planning during JulyFest activities, there were no calls for police assistance  at any of the events we conducted.  We are proud to ensure that all the participants can have a fun and safe time during the events we conduct.  The Chamber continues to learn best practices for the JulyFest, and we will continue to work towards making JulyFest the Best of the Fests.

Mike Guarnery, Manager Kimberley & District Chamber of Commerce

Misanthropy and Generosity

On August 2nd my mother and I were returning from huckleberry picking when our vehicle suffered a tire blowout just west of the Yahk junction, leaving us and our dog stuck on the side of a busy highway in high heat.  We found there is no cell phone reception in that area.  Neither Mom nor I could change the tire.

A mother/daughter pair, Kate and Christine, stopped to assist us, and drove to the Yahk junction to place a call to BCAA.  The business owner refused to let them use his phone, directing them to a payphone across the road.  When they returned to ask to use his directory, he refused them that also.  They told him a couple of women were stranded on the highway, and he indicated that wasn’t his concern.  The women then drove back to tell us they had failed to find help.  Meanwhile, an RCMP officer out of Creston had stopped and radioed in for a tow truck.  The women took time out of their day, and away from their trip, to help strangers, despite inconvenience and heat.  They remind us of the best in human nature and we thank them for their kindness.

How things change.  When I was growing up in the East Kootenay a million years ago, it was unheard of to have road trouble and not have people stop to help.  This time, no one but the women, who were from Ottawa, and the Queen’s Cowboy bothered with us, despite us trying to flag cars down.  And the miserable unpleasantness of the Yahk junction guy is simply unfathomable.  With luck karma will come back to bite him on his misanthropic backside.

Joyce Green, Cranbrook

A Life Saved

I am writing this letter of thanks to all who participated in saving my life from certain death.

I want the city of Cranbrook to know about the treatment centre called “Wings As Eagles.” Wings As Eagles treatment centre is run by Pastor Ron Short. It is a 90-day program and you have to complete a 12-step Christian-based program.

This treament centre not only saved my life, but it has formed me into an honourable Christian man.

“Wings” goes far beyond drug treatment; it has given me the tools to live a successful life with integrity.

On May 19 I enrolled in “Wings As Eagles,” and on August 17 I will be graduating, at The Dwelling Place church during their scheduled Sunday service from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Before “Wings,” I was broken, and I was a disrespectful punk. Now I value honour, community and righteous living.

Pastor Ron and his ministry, “Wings As Eagles,” have saved approximately 135 men. So on August 17, 2014, I will be the 136th man saved.

So in regard to my life, I want to thank all who donate to “Wings,” everyone that participates in running “Wings,” house manager Garry Ruff, and Cerry and Larry Lamb at the New Pro Fitness Gym. I want to give a special thanks to my mentor, my spiritual father, my best friend, my pastor, Ron Short. I love you, Ron.

With deepest respect

Travis Edwin Ronald