Letters to the Editor: August 3

Lee Brown and the Legion of Honour; Pets, renters and landlords; Polygamy

Lee Brown, Legion of Honour

Some 70 years later, J. “Lee” Brown, a longtime Cranbrook citizen, will be recognised for having completed 33 missions over Europe as air-gunner in the Second World War.  A remarkable achievement!

Lee is to be awarded the rank of Knight of the French National Order of the Legion of Honour.

This very prestigious award will be presented by a representative of France at the Cranbrook Legion on Saturday, August 13,  at 1 p.m.

Congratulations Lee! We plan to be there.

Bud Abbott

Pets, renters and landlords

There is a problem in Cranbrook lately. Approximately 95 per cent of rental units (apartments and houses) are “no pets”.

This is a serious problem. We need to do something about the situation in Cranbrook. The [Landlord and Tenant Act of BC] needs to know of this difficulty imposed on renters. We cannot leave our pets because they are part of our families. Do the landlords want to see sad, desperate, depressed pets accumulate in the BCSPCA? This is cruel.

If we pay a pet deposit, and go through screening for pets, make sure they are neutered/spayed (and confirmed by vet letter), and that they are quiet and behaved, then why can’t they accept this?

Maybe something can be done to stop this cruelty to pets and start allowing that family member to continue to live with its family.

There could also be an agreement between the landlord and tenant (in black and white), that if the pet damage deposit does not cover the total damage, then the tenant agrees to pay in full whatever needs to be done. And the tenant will have the inspection document that was signed at the beginning of the rental agreement, so they know if it actually needs to be done. In this way, the landlord and tenant are covered.

Also, people renting houses feel safer having a pet. So this current situation is also making renters’ life less safe in a house, especially if it is more isolated.

Helena Duarte


If polygamy is illegal in Canada, why is the B.C. government giving polygamists $400 a month per child? Three or four wives, with three or four kids — do the math, people. What a scam. Ridiculous! P.S. Have you watched Escaping Polygamy lately?

Ian Wigglesworth