Letters to the Editor: August 24

Thanks to dentist and staff; Efficient fire protection; The skunks of Cranbrook

Thanks to dentist and staff

Recently my family and I were visiting Cranbrook on our summer vacation and my son’s braces broke on him. We were on holidays from Cochrane and I didn’t know what to do.

I went to the Cranbrook Dental Centre to ask for assistance. Dr. Irina Baciuwas was kind enough to see my son Carson immediately and sent us on our way in only a few minutes and didn’t even charge us for her time and services.

I feel this is an absolutely fabulous thing that she did and I wanted to publicly thank her for her kindness and dedication to her profession. All the people we meet in the office were terrific and went out of their way to help us during their lunch hour, I might add. Small town ideals are quickly vanishing in our society but they are not lost all together. I would recommend that dental office to anyone immediately.

Mark Baecker, Cochrane, Alberta

Fire protection

I would like to express my appreciation to the East Kootenay Protective Services, Cranbrook Fire Department, RCMP, and B.C Wild Fire Service. On Saturday, August 15, late in the evening, I heard a single thunder and lightning event, obviously close to my West View residence. Unfortunately no rain came with it.

At 3 a.m. we were awoken by RCMP officers advising there was a forest fire, above the Main Hydro cut lines that run south of Westview Estates. We were advised to prepare to evacuate.

Within an hour the Cranbrook Fire department had assessed the situation and risk to residents. We were advised a helicopter bomber would come in at dawn, and by mid-morning a crew with a bulldozer had the blasé under control.

Thanks for the prompt, coordinated and efficient response by these services.

Peter Johnson, Cranbrook

Cranbrook Skunks

Open windows to have Pristine mountain air.

All of a sudden Putrid Vile odour. Race to close

windows. Burning eyes, nose and throat.

Skunks have done it again!

There is a major problem with Skunks in the City

And the situation is only getting worse.

Pat Goodman, Cranbrook