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LETTER: Who would do such a thing?

Nesting goose shot on Wycliffe property

There is a goose killer on the loose in Wycliffe. Yes you read that correctly.

One evening last week we were on our property admiring the views and suddenly there was a gun blast. We saw the muzzle flash of a rifle, a goose flying away squawking and another goose falling to the ground on our property. Yup just like that in a few seconds our evening was wrecked and a goose was dead. We saw the silhouette of a person on the North Star rails to trails path and then nothing more.

The perpetrator shot a goose while it and its mate sat on a nest on our property. The gun was pointed in the direction of our house and us. We were stunned.

Who would do such a nasty deed and why? Who? Obviously s/he is a sick disgusting person without regard for rules of the land or care for wildlife. Crack shot? Don’t kid yourself - these were sitting ducks- or more accurately sitting geese.

Why? Only that person, and maybe one or two others really know but we wonder. Were the geese too noisy? Did a goose fly over you once and irritate you? Did a goose poop in your yard or on your car?

One could say - big deal just one goose. But- the gun was shot on public land in an inhabited area, toward geese on private land and toward a residence. And it was an out of season shooting of wildlife!

Yes we called the police and conservation officers. The situation is being investigated. We are upset someone would point and shoot a high power rifle in a domestic area, our area to be specific, and because we value the wildlife. We hope the killer brags about his “prowess “ and gets turned in to the CO’s or the investigators are able to find the person responsible for this irresponsible act.

To this person we say “shame on you, you pathetic person for going after nesting geese!”

Dale and Doug Martin


Carolyn Grant

About the Author: Carolyn Grant

I have been with the Kimberley Bulletin since 2001 and have enjoyed every moment of it.
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