Leashes and parks

Why are the dogs running loose when a new off-leash park is open

Leashes, parks

This past Sunday my wife and I went for what was supposed to be a nice calm walk along Rotary Way past St. Mary’s school and through Kinsman Park with our dogs.

On leash, because that’s the law.

Well it was anything but relaxing, because of all the dogs being allowed to run free, off leash. With every off-leash dog we encountered, my wife would have to scoop up our small dog to prevent any conflict.

Now, every owner of every dog we have ever encountered all says the same thing. “Oh, my dog’s good, he’s just friendly.”

First of all, good for your dog. But, what you do not take into account is maybe that small dog yours is charging up to isn’t so friendly. There’s a fight brewing. Your dog, charging up like that, looks to any other dog, especially small ones, that he’s attacking. So what is he going to do? Simple, he is going to defend himself. Again, a fight brewing.

The City just went to great pains and expense to supply and open an OFF LEASH dog park. That is for the people who want to let their dog run free for a short time.

This Off Leash Dog park is the only place in this city where a dog is allowed to run free. Every other street, alley, park … the dog has to be on a leash, under the control of its adult owner.

If you don’t want to use the off leash park, please have the courtesy to keep your dog on leash, so that others can also enjoy the city parks.

And also, for every dog owner, please pick up after your dog. That’s also the law. Or, is the reason you let Fido run free so you can’t tell where he did his deed, so you can’t find it, you don’t have to pick it up?

Come on people, it’s not rocket science. It’s manners, being polite and respecting others, and the city parks we all get to use.

And just a short note on this subject, the vast majority of dog owners do obey the leash laws and are polite. Some do let their dog run, but the instant they see someone coming, their dog, being properly trained returns to them the first call and is put back put back on leash until there is no one around. To those responsible people, thank you.

Maybe it’s time for the animal control officer (if we have one) to start working off hours and weekends. We all pay our taxes, so why are some left out of enjoying our city, calmly, being allowed to relax doing it?

Tom Haverko/Cranbrook