Last issue of Hugs & Slugs for August

Last issue of Hugs & Slugs for August

Hugs & Slugs

Hugs: Big hugs to Ken and Josh at South Kountry Cable. Words can’t express how thankful we are for your help in excavating our front yard when our water main broke. It turned into a much bigger job than any of us thought, but you guys were there for us until everything was done. Thank you so much! We will pay it forward.

Slugs: Massive slugs to the City of Cranbrook for unknowingly breaking our water main when shutting off the water with their old, corroded pipes but then not taking responsibility for fixing the problem. The City puts the financial burden on the homeowner when the problem is the aging infrastructure. I have spoken with many residents in Cranbrook that have the same story. We are stuck fixing the city’s problems. Shameful! What are our high taxes paying for anyway?

Hugs: Huge hugs to Constable Kerry Pisio for arranging everything for the homeless man in the wheelchair. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have known what was going to happen to him. Also, thanks to Nicole at the Travelodge. Thank you very much for caring.

Slugs: To the person who shot a young Canada Goose at Elizabeth Lake with a pellet gun. This is a bird sanctuary. How dare you do something like this. Shame, shame on you!

Slugs: To the people who park in front of stores while their passenger does their shopping. This is a hazard for people driving through as well as pedestrians. If your passenger can’t walk from the parking lot apply for a parking pass.

Hugs: To Yme for his excellent article in the recent newspaper in which he so clearly explained why “All Lives Matter” is not an adequate response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Of course, he points out, all lives matter…that’s a given, but right now the lives under threat are so many black lives and that needs to be the focus at this time. Thanks Yme!

Hugs: To Mike Selby of “At The Library” for his always enlightening articles in the Townsman. Also for his book “Freedom Libraries: The Untold Story of Libraries for African-Americans in the South”, as seen on Talking Kootenay Books, on Channel 10. He is quite the scholar, and we’re lucky to have him in our library and community.

Slugs: Huge slugs to a local store for not providing hand sanitizer on entry or exit at their store. They are the only large retail store, or small for that matter, that doesn’t do this. Even after pointing this out to them they still refuse. Shows how much they care about the well-being of Cranbrook’s citizens. If our health authorities can’t do anything about this, then we should all do with our feet by not going there to shop. This is what I plan to do.

Slugs: To the people of B.C. who are not taking the advice of Dr. Bonnie Henry to prevent the spread of Covid 19. If everyone cooperates this will come to and end and we can live a normal life again

Hugs: To Stacey at Cranbrook Hyundai who took good care of my husband and I when booking our car in for an appointment. Customer Service is so important and you sure know how to do that. So hugs to you Stacey for taking such good care of us and all done with a smile.

Slugs: To the City of Cranbrook — it’s getting harder and harder to recycle. Not every body can get out to the transfer station and if you can there’s always a wait and is often congested with traffic and if you find an empty yellow bin someone comes and yells at you that your trespassing and the bins are for business only does the city want us to recycle or not if so they need to provide more access to bins or expect more recycle in garbage.

Hugs: To the young people who had the drive to work this summer during COVID. Today I was in a parking lot of a nursery. I heard something fall out of a vehicle and smash while a young man was loading a bag of compost for the customer. It was no doubt upsetting for both but the customer first swore and then paced back and forth while reprimanding him. I am sure he didn’t do it on purpose. I am sure he felt terrible as he asked her if she was alright and started sweeping up the “glass”. Accidents happen. We all start somewhere and one customer can make or break a clerks day.

Hugs: To Tracy at Western Financial in the Tamarack mall. Your knowledge and efficiency along with your friendliness and desire to help makes you a really awesome insurance agent. Thank you.

Hugs: To the wonderful staff at our Cranbrook Hospital’s Surgical Day Care department. Their friendly professional attitude, coupled with humour and care, made my foot surgery turn out just fine.

Slugs: To the inconsiderate group two curtains down from mine whose loud chat and laughter constantly woke me up. I was anxious to get home and needed sleep to get me there. Why were you even there?

Hugs: To the trailblazers who marked Fisher Peak Trail with inukshuks to guide the way — thank you!

Slugs: Slugs and a yard full of cat poop to the cat owners that let their cats fill others yards with poop! Slugs and lots of pay back in your future! City bylaw please step up!

Slugs: To the City of Cranbrook Bylaw department for not enforcing water days and times. A city that raised taxes but doesn’t collect on bylaws to offset city expenses is ridiculous and immature.

Slugs: To the older man I see weekly in Safeway handling every hot chicken looking for the biggest. Won’t be buying hot fresh chickens there anymore. Did you forget about COVID?

Hugs: I want to send a thanks to the staff at Meraki Mechanical for the work they did on my car. Was a wonderful job and the price was reasonable. If your a senior and need your vehicle fixed, Steve was great.

Slugs: To one of the Medical Clinics in Cranbrook for not having protective plexiglass at their front desk, rather they use the waiting room chairs in front to keep patients 6ft away. Should you not be leading by example and have plexiglass up to protect the staff like most of Cranbrook’s businesses. Hugs to the other Medical Clinic for following and being an example of great protection of their staff for providing them with plexiglass barriers and well instructed seating plans and signs. Too bad the other clinic can not be an example when they should be the first ones doing so.

Hugs: To the Heritage Inn for a great supper & good service. Lots of laughs & welcome back!

Hugs: To the kind person in the Alberta pickup truck who paid for my breakfast at the McDonald’s drive-thru Friday morning, Aug. 21! A wonderful treat on a busy day:)

Hugs: To The Playpen Pet Boarding and Grooming! Our little min-pin receives great playtimes, gentle nail trimming, and teeth cleaning at great prices. So happy we found you-he loves coming to visit!

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