It’s June, which means it’s time for more H&S

It’s June, which means it’s time for more H&S

Hugs: In order to send my hugs to this company, I need to go back in time when customer service was far different than the frenzy we receive today; in particular I am writing about mechanics. There was a time when merchants stood by their word, they did no unnecessary work and never overcharged; they were truthful and helpful and provided quality work because THEY CARED. Recently I had the good fortune to visit Meraki Automotive Repairs with some issues I was having with my vehicle. It was there that Steve, (the owner) took me back to that moment in time when integrity came first and a memory of all things surrounding good customer service. I guarantee that this man will make your day. Thank you Steve for your thoughtfulness and for taking me to an era I thought was lost.

Hugs: To Glory and the staff at Rob Morrison’s constituancy office. I was concerned about the report I filled out concerning my CERB benefits. I tried calling Service Canada at various times during the day for over seven days. I either got a recording telling me my call couln’t be handled that day or the call times out and I was disconnected. I tried going online in hopes of getting an e-mail address from the “contact us” link – no luck. I was getting worried because if I made a mistake on my form, my application would be denied. I called the office of our MP and gave Glory all the details. I wanted a phone number or e-mail address and could she help me? She did not give addresses or phone numbers, she made a call and solved my problems. Outstanding service.

Slugs: To the neighbour that continually burns his junk sending the smell and smoke through the neighborhood. Very inconsiderate of you. Am unable to open windows and doors or hang clothes on line.

Slugs: To the people who continue to abuse service staff who are doing their jobs. The rules are changing quickly, and are for everyone. We aren’t the ones making them.

Hugs: To the people who are pleasant polite and considerate of the people who are around them in any situation.

Hugs: Special hugs to Dr. Bonnie. It’s such a pleasure seeing you and listening to you. You are so soft spoken and so calm. Thanks for all you do to assure us it will be better. Good Bless You. I even like your pink shoes too!

Hugs: Many special hugs to all our doctors, nurses, aides and front line workers. Thank you for all you do. We could not do without you! God Bless.

Slugs: A HUGE slug to The City of Cranbrook imposing an (in)convenience fee of 2.4% for any citizen who dare use a credit card to pay their property taxes! FYI it will add $31 to my total if I chose to use this method.

Hugs: To Jonathan, Rory and Ryan at Cranbrook Auto (and anyone else if I missed someone!) Thank you with all my heart for your amazing service and kindness. Had to drop in there the other day when a ‘bad’ sound started in my car and they helped me out immediately! They are the only business we’ll use! If you need anything done to your vehicle this is the only business you want to use.

Hugs: Big hugs to Brandon for always being so kind and helpful by doing our brakes and other vehicle work! Even though you are busy with a young family you always make time to help me!

Slugs: A two meters social distance slug to the older gentleman who approached me well within the authorized distance, only to freak out when I had to say “two metres” twice. Might I suggest you brush up on the government’s regulation and sign up for an anger management training, comrade!

Slugs: To the contractor who thought it was okay to dump out their white “substance” onto 34th Avenue after working on a house. And to the home owner who didn’t clean it up either. Shame on you!

Hugs: A warming hug to the community of Revelstoke for the welcoming letter they placed on an Alberta plated vehicle. By the way, Revelstoke is a lovely community, don’t you think so, comrades?

Hugs: To Carol, the kindest of nurses at Cranbrook Hospital who was so helpful last week during a very trying time.

Hugs: I think it’s about time that my fellow LDB employees got some well deserved recognition for their patience and perseverance throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for everything you do. For showing up day in and day out. It has really been a test for all of us and I am proud to be a part of the team. You all rock!!

Slugs: Huge slugs to the furnace duct cleaning company from out of town. Calling up a senior and convincing them that they need their furnace ducts cleaned at this time is not only stupid but wrong, in case you’ve forgotten seniors are vulnerable to Covid-19 and are self-isolating at home to stay safe. If I can’t go into my family members home why should you a total stranger be allowed in. I don’t care how good of a job you did, you won’t be getting my business based on you this. Also to whomever is referring this company to seniors you should be ashamed of yourself also.

Hugs: Big Hugs to Steve Mercandelli of Cranbrook Dodge and Dave Cowan of Creston for helping me to push my broken down car out of the turn lane at the lights by Wal Mart. Also the two older ladies whom offered assistance to my horrified daughter when she first broke down. Huge Slugs to all the other people driving by on a busy Monday afternoon at 2 pm! Not one other person stopped to see if help was needed or see if she was ok. No wonder the world is burning down! No one cares about anyone but themselves anymore! Shame on you!

Hugs: My hugs are long overdue. To a stranger, a wonderful lady, who came my aid when I fell March 23. She called an ambulance and located my husband. Also, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Stetski stopped and stayed. Human kindness overflowing. Following surgery I am gradually recovering.

Slugs: To our new Member of Parliament. It has been almost eights months since the Federal election and we have not received even one newsletter informing us on what he has been doing on our behalf, nor have we received any questionnaires asking us for our opinion on important issues. As of April 1, 2020, MPs receive a salary of $182,656 — be good to know what we are getting for our money!

Slugs: To the people that are off for coronavirus, have a little respect for your neighbours that are on the front line working 5 days a week exhausted from work to come home to a neighbour cutting, hammering and playing loud music, you have all day to do these things NOT after supper till dark, we would appreciate peace and quiet after dealing in our high stress environment in our own homes.

Hugs: A big warm hug for Gordon of O’McDonald Reno’s. He has been working for Cbk residents for over 30 years, big or small, he does it all. We are very happy with his work and got to see first hand his professionalism.

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