It happened this week in Cranbrook: March 23 to 29

Dave Humphrey shares items compiled from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook Museum and Archives.

Dave Humphrey

Items compiled from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook Museum and Archives.


Another Business Block … V. Hyde Baker has let the contract to George R. Leask for a two storey building at the corner of Baker Street and Van Horne Avenue, facing the passenger station. The building will have fifty two feet frontage and a depth of forty feet. In construction it will be similar to the Eakin block at the corner of Baker and Cranbrook streets. The first storey will be used for storerooms, and the second floor will be divided into rooms. Work on the building will commence at once, and when it is completed it will add very much to the appearance of Baker Street.

The New B.C. Clothing House … Messrs, Maggs and Hughes, of the B.C. Clothing Store, have opened their stock, and are getting the goods in presentable shape as rapidly as possible. These gentlemen are hustlers, Mr. Maggs having been with the Hudson Bay Company at Winnipeg for years and Mr. Hughes with the store department of the C.P.R. They are opening a fine line of goods and are marking them down to prices that will prove most pleasing surprises to the people of South East Kootenay. The gentlemen said they intended to do business in the country, and it is quite evident they meant it.

Cosmopolitan Hotel … Small & Musgrave, Proprietors. This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing the public and we propose to do it. Warmed throughout by furnace heat. Rates, $2.00 per day. Short orders day and night.

Renting Needed … Right at this time, if there were twenty-five cottages in Cranbrook to rent at sums from $12 to $20 a month, every one would be taken in forty-eight hours. The demand for such buildings is increasing, and as a field for investment there is none that is better.

Tonsorial Artist …William DeVol’s reputation as a first-class tonsorial artist is spreading rapidly, and as a result his shop in the Cranbrook Hotel is rushed with business. “Billy” has a soft, artistic touch that is especially pleasing to a man with a hard beard and a tender face.


W.W. Barker Disappears … Constable Barnes, of Fort Steele, has been busy the past few days investigating the mysterious disappearance of Walter W. Barker, who had charge of the construction of the tramway at the North Star mine. On the 9th or 10th of the month Mr. Barker came down for the purpose of drawing some money from the bank with which to pay off his employees. He was seen on the evening and stopped over night at the Forrest Hotel. In the morning he proffered Mr Forrest a five dollar bill, in payment of his account. Mr. Forrest had no small change, and told him he could settle when he came down again. To this Mr Barker cheerfully assented and passed out of the house. Up to the present time nothing has been heard from him since.

Home Minstrels … The Home Minstrels that is to be given by the business and professional men of Cranbrook, for the benefit of the fire brigade, are very busy rehearsing every night at Forrest Hall. The rehearsals are progressing nicely and from the interest that is taken in it the minstrels promises to be one of the best and swellest affairs ever given in the city. The show will be given two nights and tickets will be on sale next week.

All Tied Up … Jimmy McNeil, of the Cosmopolitan, is the happy recipient of a bunch of neckties from his friend D.J. Elmer, that has set the crowd wild with envy. They are the latest, with the tints of the rainbow, which makes Jimmy’s smile seductive in the extreme.


Returned From Africa … Last Sunday morning two well known members of Strathcona Horse returned from Africa to Cranbrook. They were Walt Edwards and Charley Peterson. The boys met with a royal reception, and were the centre of large groups of admiring friends during the rest of the day. Naturally they had some great experiences, and they have been kept busy recounting their exploits for the benefit of the people here. They do not regret the trip, but both agree that once is enough.

Smallpox Again … Moyie, for a short time the first of last week, was free from the name of smallpox, but today she again flies the yellow flag. Jack Allen, a miner at the St. Eugene Mine is now occupying the pest house. A pest house has been built beyond Muir’s sawmill and Allen was taken there. The whole town, to a certain extent is under quarantine. Residents can only leave by showing a health certificate.

Telephones For Cranbrook … A local company has been organized in Cranbrook for the purpose or installing telephones, and already enough subscribers have been secured to warrant the promoters in going ahead with their arrangements.