It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

December 2-8: Compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

The Week of December 2-8: Items compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

An open letter from Santa Claus … To the People Of Cranbrook And South-East Kootenay — My Dear People: As Christmas approaches I decided to take a run to the Kootenays and see how you were provided for Xmas. After taking a good look at all the stores I decided to make Beattie & Atchison’s my headquarters again. As you know, I have been there now ever since Cranbrook started, and am very glad they still make it possible for me to stay. I find this year they have a better stock than ever, selected and collected from all parts of the-world. The children are particularly well looked after; in fact, you can find something for every­one young and old.

Now my advice to you is, go to BEATTIE & ATCHISON’S as quickly as possible, make your selection while the stock is complete, and if you do not want it at once have it delivered later. Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas. Santa Claus

To stop gambling … A large and influential deputation from the Moral and Social Reform Council of Canada waited on Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Hon. A. B. Aylesworth, Hon. Charles Murphy and Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King, representing the government last Monday, to urge the introduction of government legislation this session along the lines of the petitions from all over Canada now pouring into the Commons praying for amendments to the criminal code so as to make more drastic and effective the law against gambling and against adultery and other social evils.

The deputation, which was introduced by Hon. H. H. Miller, M.P. for South Grey, presented its views through Rev. Dr. Shearer, secretary of the Council; Rev. Dr. Chown, head of the moral and social reform work of the Methodist church; Rev. Dr. Cameron, of Ottawa, and W. E. Raney, K.C., counsel for the council. They presented a draft form of the desired legislation, which aimed at making the business of pool-selling, bookmaking and gambling generally, when carried on as a business, absolutely illegal in any shape or form.

Sir Wilfrid, replying, stated that, while the government was in full sympathy with the general objects of the deputation, still there were many aspects of the situation to be considered, and before any definite promise as to the character and scope of the legislation to be introduced this session could be given, the government were in duty bound to hear the views of the race track representatives who were now carrying on a perfectly legitimate, and what in many quarters was regarded as proper and laudable form of sport.

Games … An “at home” was held in the Methodist parsonage on Tuesday for the Epworth League and its many friends. Over fifty young people gathered together and a very enjoyable time was spent. The Geddes orchestra supplied good entertainment, whilst “Blow Ball”, “Hunt the Whistle” and Charades were freely indulged in to the great amusement of the onlookers.

The arena rink … The subscribers to stock in the Arena Rink Co., Limited, met in the Cranbrook hotel parlors on Friday night, November 26th, at 9 o’clock and the officers for the year were elected.

The company has obtained its charter and expects to fully justify the confidence of its stockholders by a prosperous year.

The building of the rink itself is well under way and the contractors, George R. Leask & Co., are pushing the construction as rapidly as possible.

It is the intention of the directors of the company to have skating before Christmas. The price of tickets for the season has not been decided upon, but will be announced later. It will not be exorbitant.

Arrangements are being made to organize a city hockey team to enter a league with Fernie, Nelson, Moyie, Coleman, etc., and suitable hours for practice will be given.

A city league will also be organized, but the hours allowed for practice will not conflict with the skating.

The officers elected for the ensuing year are: President—W. H. Wilson. Vice-President—J. P. Fink. Secretary-Treasurer—E. H, McPhee. Directors—E. Elwell, W. F. Attridge.

Protest promised in Fernie … Fernie, B. C., Dec. 1.—Since the election, rumors are rife as to wholesale repeating and personating in this riding. It is stated on good authority that John Harrington, the Socialist candidate, is preparing to contest this election and that he will appear before the returning officer by counsel and will make a thorough examination of the returns from each polling division of the district.

It is stated that one man voted at Fernie, Coal Creek and Hosmer, and that well known men in Fernie are guilty of double voting.

It is stated that the Socialist party is preparing to unearth the whole affair and to see that every man guilty of violating the election laws is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Considerable money was bet on the result and it is now a puzzling proposition to the stake holders how to settle.

Remarkable cough stopper … The peculiar properties of Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy have been thoroughly tested during epidemics of influenza, and when it was taken in time we have not heard of a single case of pneumonia. Sold by all druggists and dealers.

Remarkable sprain repair … A sprained ankle will usually disable the injured person for three or four weeks. This is due to lack of proper treatment. When Chamberlain’s Liniment is applied a cure may be affected in three or four days. This liniment is one of the best and most remarkable preparations in use. Sold by all druggists and dealers.

Cranbrook’s merchants … The Christmas shopping trade got well under way this week and, judging by the stocks laid in by local merchants, will go merrily along for the next three weeks.

Christmas is always a time of stress and worry to shoppers and store assistants, much of which might be saved and greater satisfaction obtained, if the shoppers would set about securing their Christmas presents earlier in the month.

As a general rule just as good bargains can be secured earlier as later in the season, besides a greatly better choice. Storekeepers and clerks are better able to give close attention to their customers now than they will be two weeks hence and it will repay those in search of Christmas presents to scan carefully now the holiday offerings advertised in this and succeeding issues, make their choice early and have their gifts set aside, so as to secure the best selections with the least annoyance and trouble to the overworked store staffs.

Bengough coming to town …The famous and universally popular cartoonist and entertainer Bengough is making a final tour of the west and will be in the Auditorium on Wednesday night, December 15th.

Mr. Bengough is giving his entertainment in Nelson under the auspices of the Board of Education and will appear in Cranbrook under the auspices of the managers of the Presbyterian Church.

There is no better tonic for a person, young or old, than an evening’s rollicking fun and high class humor that hurts the feelings of no one and leaves no bad taste in the mouth.

The men who are bringing Bengough here believe in encouraging high-class amusement and it is hoped that all who like sparkling wit and are fond of music will take advantage of this opportunity to hear the famous Bengough.

Reserve the 15th for Bengough.

Basketball … A junior game of basketball will be played on Friday night next at 7.30. Admission free. A senior game will follow. All who are interested in the gym and want a pleasant hour should come along on Friday.

Sneak thieves have again made their appearance in the gymnasium, a new punching bag only put in position for a few hours was deliberately stolen from the premises.

A reward will be paid to anyone who can lead to the conviction of the offender.

None will be allowed on the floor of the gym this winter who have not paid their subscriptions.

The reading room is free, and all are welcomed there, but no exceptions will be made regarding the use of the gym floor. Pay your share or keep off the floor will be the rule this winter.

For rent … I have ten two room shacks for rent near the C.P.R. freight sheds; now ready; furnished or unfurnished. W. R. Beatty.

Sneak thief sentenced … Walter Fenty, alias Stewart, alias Simms, who saw service with the Cameron Highlanders in the old country, simply looted the bunkhouse opposite the livery barn, of J. Kenny on Tuesday evening. He must, apparently, have made a series of trips to the place, judging by the amount of stuff he got away with.

The plunder consisted of sheepskin-lined coats, rubbers, underclothing, shirts, boots, razors and a quantity of other things.

His booty covered two tables in the police court when the matter came to be dealt with the day after the robbery was committed.

When arrested by Constable Adams, Fenty had the razors in his possession and the rest of the stolen property was found to have been sold.

On coming before Police Magistrate Ryan, Fenty consented to be tried summarily in that court and pleaded guilty to the charge of stealing the goods which belonged to Ed. Gascoyne and other employees of Mr. Kenny.

Fenty excused himself to some extent by saying he was under the influence of drink at the time of the robbery.

The magistrate said that a number of those thefts had been reported to the police, and it was about time that an example should be made in order to deter others from repeating the offence, accordingly the prisoner was sentenced to a term of 12 months in Nelson jail.

Goodbye friends … On Friday evening, at the Cranbrook hotel, a complimentary supper will be extended to Mr. F. E. Simpson and Mr. Geo. T. Rogers by the Cranbrook board of trade, on the eve of their leaving the city. Mr. Simpson is president of the board of trade and Mr. Rogers is a member of the executive, both have been good citizens and have done their utmost to advance the interests of the city, so that this farewell banquet will undoubtedly be numerously attended. Mr. C. U. Allison is acting as secretary.

United Kingdom bound … Judging from the number of tickets sold within the past few days, quite a number of Cranbrook people and residents in this vicinity, purpose spending the Christmas holidays in the old country. Upwards of forty tickets have so far been sold.

Band concert … The Cranbrook city band will give a concert and dance in the Auditorium on Tuesday evening next. Needless to say nothing will be left undone to make this entertainment enjoyable in every respect and it is anticipated that there will be a large attendance.

Horse sickness … Dr. Bell, veterinary surgeon, returned yesterday from an official visit to Michel, where there has been a bad outbreak of influenza among the colliery horses. Everything possible is being done to care for the victims.

Salvation Army work …The sale of work held by the Salvation Army in their new barracks on Hanson Avenue proved to be a decided success both financially and socially. The officers in charge of the local corps are very much encouraged by the increased interest shown and report very favorably on the state of the work.

Creston news …The Creston Power, Light and Telephone company has been making important changes and improvements by running branch lines. Since the incorporation of this company in 1907, 60 phones have been installed. The company has just completed a line to Canyon City and will soon start building a line from Creston nine miles to a point two miles up Duck creek. The line across the Kootenay river is to connect with the many ranches over there. This company has over miles 100 local line and 24 miles of long distance line.

School classes … Two rooms of the new public School will be ready for occupancy next week, and it is reported that the two classes, now in the Curling Rink, will be moved to the new school during the coming week.


It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909