It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

Week of October 21st – 27th: Items compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives

Week of October 21st – 27th: Items compiled by Dave Humphrey from the archived newspapers held at the Cranbrook History Centre and Archives


Picture taking … Robert Adams had his picture tak­en one day this week by Fred Reeves, in front of the government building, while astride of his Arabian steed, and he looked like Napoleon. Very few men have the faculty of riding a horse like “Bobby.”

Chicken thieves … During the past week chicken thieves have cleaned out the coops of Keith Patton, W. E. Worden and Alias Kimpton. This is an outrage and a shame and it is time that such a thing should be stopped.

School problems … Owing to the delay in the shipping of pipes the work on the school building is held back and the trustees are up against a severe proposition, it was proposed to use the Auditor­ium, but the lighting facilities were not deemed sufficient, and as the rink will soon be in demand for curling purposes, the trustees hardly know what to do. They are making every endeavor to do what they can for the benefit of the school children and surely have the sympathy of the people of Cranbrook.

Farming practice … Joseph Brault, who has purchased ten acres just south of town, and has cleared the same, is doing what he can to demonstrate his faith in this district as a fruit country. Mr. Brault has expended a large amount of money in putting his land in shape and proposes to demonstrate to the people of this district that this is a fruit country. Mr. Brault goes further than this, in as much as he is using his good business judgment in using his small ranch as a producer for small stock, such as horses and poultry, as well as the raising of vegetables, tending the growth of the fruit trees that will later make the laud extremely valuable.

Masonic Hall … On Monday, Oct. 25th, at 11 a. m., the laying of the corner stone of the Masonic Temple will take place. The Masons will form in procession at the present lodge room, the Knight Templars in full uniform, acting as an escort, followed by the civic authorities, and members of the craft. The ceremonies will be in charge of J. H. Schofield of Trail who will be Grand Master of the day’s proceed­ings; District Deputy Grand Master A. B. Fenwick of Fort Steele; officers of Cranbrook Lodge A.F. & A.M., Selkirk Preceptory and Rocky Mount­ain chapter R.A.M. will participate.

Fort Steele bridge … The new bridge at Fort Steele over the Kootenay river was crossed for the first time on Tuesday, Oct. 12, and very approp­riately the first team to cross was that of the road superintendent John Reid.

There is still a little finishing work to be done to the new piers and the old bridge has to be remov­ed, but this will not be done until after the new bridge, to be built at Wardner, is completed, and that can best be done during the continuance of low water, that is, between now and next May.

While naturally Fort Steele will be glad to see the whole work completed here before the bridgemen, who are a prime lot of fellows, are taken to Wardner, it is recognized that the new work at our sister town can be best done during such splendid weather as now, and the big sawmill town is to be congratulated on the prospect of having during the coming winter that long needed con­venience, a wagon bridge over the famous river, and the fact that before long it will have direct rail connection, per the K.C.R., with Fort Steele, Windermere and Golden.

Moral Reform Council … The regular monthly meeting of the Cranbrook Moral and Social Reform Council was held on Wednesday evening, with a fair attendance.

In view of the imminent elections with the plebiscite on local option, reaffirmed its support of this movement and a free hand was given this committee to prosecute with vigor this campaign in the interest of temperance.

The committee is Rev. R. Hughes, Rev. C. King and Dr. Connolly with power to add to their number.

The council decided to take up the petitions to the senate and dominion parliaments asking the amendment of the criminal code to make race-track gambling under any conditions an offence against the law, and also the living together of a man and woman as husband and wife, who are not married. These petitions are being circulated throughout the Dominion and no doubt will be signed by all right thinking people.

Thief … The meat market of P. Woods & Co., on Armstrong Avenue, was brok­en into on Thursday night, and the cash register tapped, the thief ob­taining a half a dollar. Entry was made by cutting out a panel of the screen door.

Caught with the goods… Chief of Police Dow arrested a man named Flurry Wright on Friday, for stealing an overcoat from a room in the Manitoba hotel. He will come up for trial today.

Light at Fort Steele … The Bull River Falls Power & Light company is building at Fort Steele, an immense flume that will provide 10,000 at lowest, water. The company contemplates supplying light and power to all the towns in the pass country from Michel to Moyie and the connection of the falls town with Jaffray by electric railway.

At the gym … On Thanksgiving evening an entertainment will be held in the gym to be followed by a basketball match. Admission, twenty-five cents. It is hoped that teams comprising the Athletes and the Maple Leaves will take care of the leather on this occasion. A good evening’s amusement will be provided, and the building should be well-filled to see the first game of the season.

The Boys’ Brigade … The Boys’ Brigade is requested to assemble at the gym on Thanksgiving morning at 10.30 for a march out. Clean boots and well brushed clothes are essential to the smart appearance of the brigade. Everyone to please take notice. Applications will also be received for membership; no boy under ten need apply, and no boy whatever need to apply who is not prepared to obey orders. A large attendance is requested next Monday morning at 10.30.

C.P.R. Machinist’s smoker… A very enjoyable evening was spent in the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen’s hall on Tuesday last. Mr. Darby did good work as chairman. There was a liberal supply of liquid refreshments and cigars. Sandwiches were dealt out to the hungry and indeed there was nothing lacking to brighten the mind and warm the heart. The programme was an impromptu affair and was on that account, perhaps, more enjoyable than a more formal programme would have been. “The Old Rustic Bridge” was given by the Burns-Skinner-Ferguson trio and much enjoyed. This was followed by copious draughts of liquid by most of the boys. A very pleasing thing was the fine solo singing of Mr. J. Nesbett, who sang “Then You’ll Remember Me,” while Mr. F. Ryan, who has a voice of splendid quality, sang a touching railroad song.

Royal Hotel … William Rollins, proprietor of the Royal hotel, is having a new cess pool put in on the premises, and is making other improvements that will prove an advantage to the hotel.

Unhurt … James Bates, game warden and Frank Dickison, fire warden, returned yesterday from their trip to the game reserve of East Kootenay. They did not go as far as they had intended to owing to the early fall of snow which cut off the feed for their pack animals. During their trip and while on Sheep creek, one of the pack horses, that was heavily loaded. slipped and fell over a precipice going down about sixty feet, turning over four times, and after landing on a ledge of rock, dropped off for a distance of nine feet and planted itself fairly on its four feet, and within a minute afterwards was eating grass and absolutely unhurt.

Fernie news … Mr. Kennedy, the linotype operator on the Ledger staff, has invented and is patenting a new photographic process that is expected to revolutionize the art of the camera. Mr. Kennedy’s discovery was quite accidental. As the invention is as yet before the patent office we are unable to obtain details of the process, but the result is said to be new in the history of photography. By holding the negative up to a strong light you can’t see a thing. The value of the invention will be apparent to the friends of amateurs, for by employing this process the tyro is effectually prevented from making hideous caricatures of his acquaintance.

Wardner news … Workmen and teams arrived last Saturday evening from Fort Steele to commence work on the new traffic bridge across the Kootenay river here. At present they are engaged in building a lodging house for the men as well as a large barn for the horses.

Warm send off … Mrs. G. T. Rogers was given a surprise party, last Friday night by her many friends in this city, who gathered at her home and presented her with a magnificent fish set and soup spoons. Mrs. Rogers is a lady who is held in high esteem in this city, as she has been one of those who has done everything in her power to help along every movement in Cranbrook. It is a pity to lose from a city like Cranbrook a woman like Mrs. Rogers, and a man like her husband, G. T. Rogers, who was the first mayor of Cranbrook, a man who had the confidence of all the people of this city and whose departure will be regretted by every individual in this town. The Herald don’t like to say much in a case of this kind, but it must declare that good men like George T. Rogers, have no right to leave Cranbrook. He has been a good man for the town, he has been a good man for the community, and we don’t like to have such men leave us. Yet, whatever Mr. Rogers engages in in the future the people will wish him every prosperity. When we lose him and his good wife we lose two of the best people who ever lived in Cranbrook.


It happened this week in Cranbrook: 1909

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