Hugs & Slugs

Hugs & Slugs welcomes the rain

Hugs: Super hugs to our city leadership, if they can envision resurfacing miles of our streets instead of blocks. It’s time to look at alternative methods of salvaging the existing roadways before they are no longer reparable. There are cheaper and more user friendly methods being used by other municipalities to maintain and improve the streets.

Slugs: I want to know who is the Gas Price Czar that is controlling the price of gas in the Cranbrook area. I want Him/Her or Them to explain to all Cranbrook and area residents how they justify the cost of gas in Cranbrook. We are sitting at 186.9 here, Fernie is at 166.9 as of this morning. That’s 20 cents a litre! Cost of transport…No way. Greed…yes! The next time you consider fueling up here in Cranbrook make your displeasure known, but be kind to the employees as it isn’t their fault. Maybe we can force the Gas Price Czar or consortium that are gouging us to lower the prices. Or take a trip to Fernie and buy your fuel there to make a point.

Hugs: I would like to send a huge hug to Melinda at the Advertiser, for making my day by seeing to the delivery of my missed copy…Very much appreciated…

Hugs: To the staff of North Star Cycle who expeditiously fixed my flat tire on a moment’s notice. Treated like I was an important customer and got me on my return cycle trip to Kimberley. Kudos gentlemen.

Hugs: To ALL who are following stage 2 watering restrictions.

Slugs: To the Kimberley and Marysville residents who refuse to follow stage 2 water restrictions. Why do you think you are so special that you can water whenever you want? Give your head a shake people, conserve some water!

Slugs: I know we are all somewhat fed up with the deer population in the city but if you live in Cranbrook it’s just a fact of life. At the same time, fed up or not, it is just plain ignorance to not slow down for deer on the street. To pass another vehicle whose has slowed or stopped to allow an animal to vacate the road is stupid. If you knock a deer down most people would feel badly as the animal bleats, bleeds and slowly dies. Be animal aware!

Slugs: Big Slugs to the group of 3 that pulled a large Seadoo with a quad up to our beautiful pristine lake White Boar! Shame on you!

Slugs: BIG SMELLY SLUGS to the person or persons who insist on depositing their full green doggy do-do bags on the boulevard along 27th Avenue S. Do you really believe there is a doggy do-do bag fairy that picks up after you?? Perhaps you should consider a gold fish for a pet instead of a dog.

To the owners and staff at Allegra Tire: I’m a young 80-year-old living on a pension. I was recently taking a pleasure ride on my mobility scooter to Elizabeth Lake and got a flat tire by their shop. Not only did they repair it with complete professionalism, they would not accept my money. Living on a pension, it was so appreciated. So far above and beyond the call! A special thank you from Big Al!

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