Hugs slugs

Hugs & Slugs to mark the Solstice

Hugs to my neighbour and his very young son, who manfully (and boyfully??) wrestled an enormous heavy mass of cardboard that came to rest across my driveway after being blown down the street from wherever it was dumped. Thank you both for your kindness and help. And to the dad — you are a wonderful role model for your son!

Hugs: To Bob Whetham for the beautiful bird pictures featured in our Kootenay Advertiser on June 8th. Thank you!

Hugs: To Cranbrook Family Dental. Thank you for taking care of me when I needed my tooth looked at, I was a walk in patient with a broken tooth and you took me in right away. Very thankful for that. A big shout-out to Dr. Nelson, Cheryl and Dee Dee.

Hugs: A big thank you to Chris and Danny at Get’er Done Gutters for getting my gutter replaced and downspouts repaired quickly and efficiently. These guys are fast and friendly! Highly recommend them. Thanks guys!

Hugs: A big huge thank you to everyone who helped me through my recent move. Downsizing is a bigger job than I ever thought! To Gavin, couldn’t have done any of this without you. You’re a great realtor and long time friend! Thanks for being there for me! To my neighbors in the old “hood”, thank you for all your support and encouragement. There will never be another neighborhood like ours! I miss you all. And especially to H&P, no words will ever be enough to say “thank you” for all you’ve done, the support you’ve given me and friendship that is such a treasure. And then there is my niece! I can’t even begin, Huge hugs to you all

Slugs: To the Dept. of Highways for having a passing lane on Highway 95A in Meadowbrook. This is a rural area along with an active daycare school. We have had very close calls trying to get on the highway.

Hugs: A big hug and shout out to the incredible team at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital emergency department where I was admitted on June 13. To Travis, Josh, Dr. Barnard, the nurse in OR and Dr. Schieman. Every one of you are great, we are so luck to have such a dedicated team of medical professionals working in our local hospital. Thank you!

Slugs: Environmental slug to Maxime Bernier for suggesting that climate change is not real by claiming that forest fires are caused by ‘green terrorists’.

Hugs: I would like to extend a Huge Hug to the awesome lady that came to the Fraternal Order of Eagles Father’s Day Pancake breakfast and paid for the next four breakfasts. A group of Seniors were the grateful recipients.

Hugs: To the CP worker that found the time to stop and pick up a broken 1×6 board on side of highway near Wasa taking it to the dump. I drove past it several times always forgetting to slow down to pick it up myself. I hope the CP realize they have diamond in the rough as a worker. By picking that up you very well might have prevented an accident. Thank you.

Hugs: To everyone that find the time to wait in the line(s) at all the manned store tills. If we don’t utilize them they will be an AI self serve till. People need jobs and employees pay taxes. Use them or lose them.

Slugs: To the big truck operators that are killing hundreds of wild animals along highway #93 and #3 by driving too fast. I recognize that to make a living time matters but it gets tiring seeing carcasses on the roadsides.

Hugs: To the cleaning staff members at the hospital and old folks homes for keeping everything clean. I realize you are the last to be recognized and thanked. You folks should be first on the list.

Hugs: Hug thank you and hugs to the Cranbrook Fire Fighters for once again hosting a fabulous Fishing Clinic for our community’s children. What a wonderful family event! Your community spirit knows no bounds of what you have given to our City for hosting this for 44 incredible years. And thank you to the businesses that helped support this event.

Hugs: Big hugs to all the parents and grandparents that took their kids/grandchildren to the fishing clinic. What a great way to lear ethical fishing and spend time as a family in the great outdoors. Kudo’s to you all.

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