Hugs and Slugs

Hugs & Slugs: Thoughts from the new Ice Age

Slugs: To a local hair stylist for stating “…as much as you would love to believe that the customer is always right, I’m here to tell you it’s usually not the case!” I’d like to think that when it comes to the hair growing out of the customers own head — the customer IS in fact always right.

Hugs: To Maia and Joey at The Choice who on Christmas Eve helped my son pick out a new toque to turn his frown upside down after a hair cut gone wrong. Always such fantastic customer service!

Hugs: Sending huge hugs to unsung heroesof this recent cold spell and snowmageddon we’ve been living through – those trades people who have got our furnaces running again, or replaced them; the ones who defrosted our frozen water lines and repaired them; those who replaced or re-chargedthe frozen batteriesof our vehicles and all of the others who have not yet been recognized for the good deeds they so willingly do.

Slugs: Uncaring slug to the town of Cranbrook for not clearing most of its sidewalks. One day, a pedestrian will be hurt or killed!

Hugs: Thank you to the family and the two men in a blue truck that came to my assistance on Theatre Road on Christmas Eve. My van had slid off of the road in the snow storm. Thankfully the truck was able to tow me out after the family had stopped to try and push me out. Your help and kindness was and is gratefully appreciated.

Slugs: Huge slugs to Interior Health for their treatment of those patients requiring blood work. There is now only one place to get blood work done in Cranbrook as IH closed down all the others – Tamarack Lab is the only one. The staff there are superb, and certainly not their fault that patients are waiting for up to two hours to get into the clinic. IH says to book online – while that is a great alternative, the earliest booking date is at least two weeks down the road. Even going early – I was there at 7:20 this morning – does not guarantee a short wait – it was close to two hours before I got in. Come on IH — can’t you do a whole bunch better?

Hugs: To Simone for dropping me off at my place and making sure I am okay. Thank you!

Slugs: A big prehistoric slug to the corporate entity that is notcooperating in the attempt to preserve the Elk Valley’sammonite.

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