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Hugs & Slugs: Spring is just around the corner

Hugs: To the new garbage man on the Brookview route. So friendly and courteous. It was sad to lose our last one to retirement (he was great too) but glad we got someone like you.

Hugs: To the new garbage man on the Brookview route. So friendly and courteous. It was sad to lose our last one to retirement (he was great too) but glad we got someone like you.

Hugs: Thank you to the two men who helped me to get out of the ice. My wheels were blocked. I could finally return home. It was on January 13, the lady with the blue car.

Hugs: A huge hug to Cst. Corbeil for volunteering his personal time to help another in need. Your act of kindness did not go unnoticed and you have made an unforgettable difference. Thank you for your service.

Hugs: To Brian, Luke and Dee at Northstar Collision for the super deluxe job you did of repairing my Kia car after a recent collision. You give excellent customer service and my car looks great.

Hugs: Hugs and many thanks to all the staff at RONA and especially Bob for helping us make our recent kitchen reno a reality, it’s looking good guys.

Hugs: To the staff that work at Cloverdale Paint. Honestly, every time I visit this store, I get the same experience. As soon as you walk in the door, everyone looks up and says hello with a smile. Every single time. You just make my day, customer service at its best!

Hugs: To the staff that work in Shoppers Drug Mart. What a friendly bunch you are. Also hugs for the ladies and gents that work in the post office, you are always so busy but the service is quick and done with a smile.

Hugs: For our local Baker Street Pharmasave, the staff are just the best. Your store has lots of neat things and the clothing section is wonderful. I have bought many items from there. Thank you for the friendly smiles, it really does go a long way.

Huge hugs to the doctors and nurses on duty at the EKRH ER on the afternoon of February 6. Despite the incredible strain they have been under for the past couple of years, the level of care and service my husband received was amazing. We’re so lucky to have such dedicated health care professionals in our community.

Hugs and thanks for the help to Rose at Fabric land. Great friendly knowledgeable service. I hope your day is a great one Rose. :)

Slugs to all the irresponsible dog owners who have not picked up their dog poop in the community forest. The trails are littered with poop. I have never seen such a mess. How disgusting to have to watch every step you take. Its like a mine field through the whole forest. Shame, shame on you inconsiderate, lazy people. You are destroying the one great thing we have in this town. It is not a bathroom for your dogs. At this moment I would vote to close the forest to dogs, how sad that would be.

Hugs: Tremendous hugs to the nurses and doctors working in Emergency at EKRH. The professionalism, expertise, and personal care my husband recently received was exceptional and, ultimately, lifesaving. The care he received prior to being airlifted to Kelowna General Hospital was even praised by the professionals in Kelowna. We are so grateful to all of you, and for the wonderful health care system we have in Canada that we sometimes take for granted.”

Huge hugs to the staff at the Cranbrook Hospital – they are so hard working, short staffed, but so very kind. During my cancer surgery, they were all so caring and wonderful. Thank you so much for the care you gave me.

Hugs to the lady that helped put the groceries in the red truck in front of WalMart on the 9th of February.

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