Hugs & Slugs

Hugs & Slugs: Spring is just around the corner

Slugs: Big slug to the gas stations here in Cranbrook and Kimberley. Gas prices across Canada have fallen drastically but not here, gas prices even in Fernie have fallen. Our pricing was $1.67 ltr. In Fernie it was $1.45 ltr. Isn’t it time our gas stations here kept pace with not only Fernie but the rest of Canada. Stop ripping us off. They say shop local … does that include our gas stations?

Hugs: To the Cast and Crew of Cabaret. Wow! What an amazing performance by homegrown talent. If you haven’t seen this musical yet, don’t miss it. It’s on again from Jan. 19-21. Matt Van Boeyen, you are multi-talented. Cranbrook is so fortunate to have you in town. We were part of the audience, not connected to the show in any way.

Hugs: I want to thank all my family and friends and neighbours, for helping me to celebrate my 90th Birthday, on December 30th. What a special day was made wonderful. Big hugs to all.

Slugs: To the people who discard their trash on the highways. Between Kimberley and Cranbrook there is so much garbage. It is a shame to see. Please discard your trash in the proper fashion.

Hugs: To the Mainroads crews. Difficult winter but I think your doing a very good job. Please keep it up.

Hugs: To the out going and incoming skating rink crews in Wasa. Your efforts were and are very much appreciated by not only Wasa but Cranbrook, Kimberley and area users as ice in this day and age is extremely expensive.

Slugs: To the drivers that speed through the TaTa Creek 60 Km. speed zoned area. That section has about 12 kids that walk along that area to catch the buses to Kimberley. The roads are slippery and the visual area is very narrow. “SLOW DOWN” there is a very good reason it’s 60 Km.

Slugs: To the City of Cranbrook, Mayor and Council. You have taken the seniors’ vehicle parking passes for out-of-town visitors. It might be a wise move to review that as there are many out of town shoppers that spend their pension money in Cranbrook stores. It would be beneficial to both parties to be able to park without concerns of a ticket. I’ll bet that if you checked with all the businesses they would agree.

Hugs: To Windover Ranch. The staff at Windover Ranch are knowledgeable in their teaching, pleasant and very welcoming. They are always ready to lend a hand. The clients, young and old, are friendly and encouraging. They work as a team and are happy to see you, and ask how your ride was. It is a delight to see. The horses are well cared for and the students are taught the importance of this. It is a fantastic facility and we are so fortunate to have access to such a professional site.

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