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Hugs & Slugs: Here comes the cold


Hugs: To the City of Cranbrook for clearing the eight tree stumps adjacent to Kinsmen Park. It’s a great back drop there for many photos.

Hugs: Giant hugs to the person or persons that cleaned up all the garbage that had been dumped on Futa (Fenceline) Road and the haul road branching off Futa Road. You have made this area look so much better.

Hugs: Huge Hugs to Dr. Bevan and his team at Victoria Ave Dental for continuously going above and beyond to look after me! You are the best!

Hugs: To all the fans at the Dean Brody show for their kindness on the stairs – from the lady with the white cane.

Slugs: It is that time of year when leafy trees shed. It is not unexpected and your children love to dive into the pile mom and dad have just raked. Ah yes, raked, but some very inconsiderate neighbours have to use their lawn mowers to do the work. That would be okay if they didn’t do it every day for several hours.

Slugs: To the ski hill for another year’s crop of noxious invasive weeds plainly in sight around buildings and parking. Knapweed, Blueweed, Toadflax, Burdock, Tansy.

Hugs: To Cranbrook Toyota for their awesome landscaping featuring their new location and building. Great community supporter.

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