Hugs & Slugs

Hugs & Slugs: Happy New Year to all our readers and contributors

Hugs: Huge hugs to Steve on 5th Street South who saw me shoveling my driveway and offered to help! He used his snowblower to finish my driveway as well as the street at the end of the driveway so we wouldn’t be plowed in. It was very much appreciated! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Hugs: To all of the people with quads/plows on Hunter Road, Cranbrook, who help those who don’t. Specifically on December 22, after the big snow dump, but also many other times. It’s very appreciated. They help out and when asked, never expect anything in return. It’s nice to have such good people for neighbors.

Hugs: Hugalicious thanks to the Staff at Save-On Foods. On Wednesday 23 décembre, while buying some ingredients for my Christmas dinner, there were so many customers that there was even a line up to enter, but the staff handled it so well that I left the store at about the same time I had planned to. Stay classy, Save-On!

Slugs: To the owner of a certain car wash for rarely putting soap in the car wash, we would like our vehicles to come out clean not just wet! Hugs to the staff though, they are friendly and have a welcoming smile.

Slugs: To the city of Kimberley for the lack of snow removal on Wallinger Avenue, it’s an absolute eye sore and a hazard, take a drive a few kilometres down the road to Marysville, to see how they deal with on going snow falls and clean up of their main drag.

Hugs: A great big COVID hug to all the lovely young men enjoying the ice action up at Jim Smith Lake. They made a small moderate fire to warm themselves and invited me to join them. I led them all in singing a poorly executed folk song. They were so kind in return singing along and doing the hand gestures. I am an old woman of 60 and it meant so much to me. Grateful for the Spirit of the Season.

Hugs: To the trail fairies who, with hatchet, handsaw or chainsaw took on the clean up of the fallen trees and branches in the community forest. Many trails were impassable and without your efforts would have continued to be so.

Slugs: A well deserved slug to the lady who thinks that a three-minute drive to work warrants up to 30 minutes of car warming time.

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