Hugs and slugs

Hugs & Slugs: Enough with the snow, already!

Hugs: Big Hugs to Steve and Jim at Mr. Tire for doing a great repair job on my truck.

Hugs: To all the families who are reviewing bike safety rules with their children and checking the condition of the bikes and helmets. Hugs to all the drivers who are paying attention to people on bikes. Let’s be safe and have fun!

Slugs: So the carbon tax increases by .03 cents but Cranbrook gasoline retailers increase their price by .04 cents. Is this indicative of why our gasoline prices are the highest in the area?

Hugs: A very BIG thank you to the person who found my dog’s tags in the Community Forest and took them to Steeples Veterinary Clinic. I thought they were long gone as she lost them last fall!!!! Thanks so much for your kindness.

Hugs: A huge hug to Harvey, whom decided that once again to pickup litter at Elizabeth Lake on Sunday and also to his Mom who joined him. Thank you.

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