Hugs & Slugs

Hugs & Slugs bids farewell to January, 2021

Hugs: Big Hugs to the staff at the Post Office in the Shoppers at the Tamarack. They work so hard, they are always, always, always pleasant, polite, helpful, friendly and efficient (unlike some of the customers who are somewhat disorganized — the staff are equally nice to them as well). Thank You so much, always enjoy my interactions with you.

Hugs: To the person who lives in the green roof condos on Kootenay Street who still have their very pretty, beautiful, lovely Christmas lights on their balcony. They really add to my evening and early morning (I am blessed to be able to see them from my kitchen window).

Hugs: To the lady at Dollarama who often wears very bright and colourful tops. You bring a smile to my face, they are encouraging, happy, bright, cheerful — a lot like you. Thank You so much.

Hugs: To the Staff and Residents of St. Mary’s pod at Joseph Creek Care Village for the care and concern they gave to our dad/husband during his stay there. It was very much appreciated!

Slugs: To the two people using Gordon Terrace School as their personal horse riding arena.

Slugs: A huge slug to the organizers of the Saturday seniors’ appointments at East Kootenay Regional Hospital. Far too many vulnerable old folks huddled in the waiting room for hours is unacceptable during a pandemic especially. And we drivers are forced to idle our engines in the parking lot to stay warm. It was so backed up Saturday (Jan. 23) there was a constant traffic jam in the parking lot, which ambulances need to use to get out. Total mess!

Slugs: To the retailers in Cranbrook and Kimberley; who don’t wear a mask or only wear the mask over their mouths and not their noses when they are at the counter. After all you are breathing on those counters. The plexiglass shield only protects the retailer not anyone else.

Hugs: To the many people who helped us out after our carbon monoxide alarm sounded late Thursday afternoon. The fire chief, firefighters and Fortis worker all worked diligently to clear the C0 and shut off the furnace and hot water tank. By the time this was done, business hours were over and we were facing a very long, cold night. Although we’re new to Marysville, we were offered space heaters and more help than you can imagine. A special shout out to Jack, who drove over the next morning to climb up on our roof to confirm that ventilation and chimneys were clear. Tyler from High Point Plumbing came Friday afternoon and determined we’d need a new furnace and hot water tank.

Slugs: Huge slimy slugs for the state of our residential streets. They had an opportunity to easily clear away the slush when the weather was warm, but they didn’t. Possibly in an effort to save money? The slush froze solid creating hazardous conditions for motorists and pedestrians for the last month and now they have to constantly sand the icy streets. So much for their cost savings.

Hugs: To the kind man who helped me jump my car today (Tues) at the Superstore gas pumps. You drove a white Chevy extended cab and you had a grey hoodie with Fabrite name on the chest. I forgot to ask your name. I really appreciated your kindness. Know that I always pay it forward when I can.

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