Hugs and Slugs

Hugs & Slugs

Almost time for farewell, January (we hardly knew ye!)

Hugs to ANKORS, the Homeless Outreach and Prevention Program with the CCSSEBC, Street Angels, Salvation Army, CMHA, and all others who work to help our vulnerable neighbours in Cranbrook.

Hugs: Thank you for the very nice gesture of paying for my wife’s and my order at McDonalds in Cranbrook. This occurred on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 5 pm. You were driving a blue Dodge van. It seemed to be such a nice gesture we will do the same one day when we’re in Cranbrook. Again thank you very very much, nice of you.

Hugs: To Caroline, Mane Design, Auntie Barb’s, the Bus driver, for a perfect day. Everything went perfectly.

Hugs: Huge hugs and thanks to the City of Kimberley crew who are keeping our streets plowed, sanded and safe during this big snowfall winter. Great Job!!

Hugs: A super huge hug to all the people who have kept the Wasa pathway cleared this winter especially off of Poplar Road. Perfect for a wheelchair! Thank you!

Hugs: Huge hug to all the truck/delivery drivers & their trucks. They bring us everything from A to Z – Amazon packages to zippers! Thanks to you all!

Hugs: Thanks to the two ladies in a white truck, and the two men, who helped me get out of a snow bank. This was very nice of you to help me out.

Hugs: To Meraki Mechanical for an outstanding job on my 2007 Nissan Frontier-great work as well as customer relations all the way through-Thank You.

Slugs: To a neighbour who falsely accuses another with indecorous behavior with no factual evidence or proof but contrived on their speculative and delusional mindset.

Hugs: A very belated hug to the folks who decorated Meander trail for Christmas. So delightfully magical! Thank you!

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