Hugs & Slugs: What’s the word from July?

Slugs: To the city of Cranbrook for not enforcing watering restrictions. Bigger slugs to people who believe they can water whenever they feel like it. Shame on both of you! Water is a precious resource, STOP wasting it.

Hugs: To the City of Cranbrook for installing digital speed signs at the Gyro Park location on 7th ave S. Lately this area has seen a large increase in the amount of speeders and the total disregard for the dawn til dusk speed limit. I hope this is an indication from the city that permanent signage will be installed in the near future before someone is injured

Hugs: To Colleen, who works in the Walmart Photo Lab. Colleen helped me create a photo, taken from a very old picture. Four people in this old picture and I needed a 5×7 print of only one of the four. Thank you so much Colleen, your customer service was over and above. Hugs to you!

Hugs: For the wonderful crew at EK Transmission Auto Repair right here in Cranbrook. A big Thank You to Mike and the crew for taking care of me and fixing my truck, fixed my transmission, installed a tranny cooler, oil change and did an all points inspection. Highly recommend this company, customer service at it’s best!

Hugs: To the entire staff that work at our Transfer Station right here in Cranbrook. Hubby and I make many trips to what everyone calls the Dump! Always met with a smile, how’s our day going, its the best? We are very lucky to have such an organized and well run, neat and tidy place to take our recycling. Big Hugs to you all!

Hugs: Huge hugs to Kerry, Jason and Warren at Unique Windows in Marysville for their amazing response to our situation. Outstanding customer service under the hottest conditions! Thank you, guys!

Hugs: Huge hugs to the nurses and attendants who came to Moyie on an extremely hot day to administer vaccines! That was so great! By the talk about town, it was a huge success!

Hugs: A big shout out and hug to the Cranbrook Fire Department for driving to the different parks around town and setting up your spray station. What a pleasant surprise to find your cool, refreshing mist at Rotary Park on Tuesday evening! Thank you!

Hugs: We recently had a plumbing emergency on a holiday long weekend. Chris at Just Plumbing went above and beyond to fix the problem for us. He took time out of his day off with his family to bring a crucial piece over to us in order to stop the water flow. And then he made extra time in his schedule to come by the very next morning to fix the issue completely. This kind of personalized service is difficult to find these days and even more rare is it to find someone who is willing to go the extra mile to help someone in a difficult situation. Thanks again Chris!

Hugs: To the two men who assisted me as I walked my old dog on leash on the sidewalk from a blacktail deer that ran in front of traffic across the road in attack mode. One man got out of his car to chase the deer while the other drove his truck toward it. Ironically I got to the safety of the Community Forest where there was not a mule deer in sight!!

Hugs: To all of those who have followed COVID rules and also have their vaccinations! Slugs to those who haven’t and who don’t!

Hugs: Your many acts of kindness and sympathy to be a great comfort to us in our time of sorrow. To the family and many friends of the late Denny Nelligan, we wish to extend our sincere thank you for your many kindnesses and for the confolences and support that we received.

Hugs: Big hugs to Neno’s paint and autobody! My daughter accidentally opened her car door and hit another lady’s car door. There was a bit of the paint from our vehicle and a bit of a scratch on her driver’s side door. We left a note and finished our shopping. The lady was lovely and completely understanding. She took it to Neno’s to buff it out and he didn’t charge her. Thanks again to both of you!

Hugs: Huge hugs to all of the Georgian Heights Tenants who volunteered their time and equipment early Sunday morning to create a fire break for Georgian Heights Mobile Home Park.

Hugs: A Huge hug to the two young men who carried my kayak up the hill to our truck at Norbury Lake. Then they loaded all three in to the bed of my sister’s truck! Your kindness and friendly chat was very appreciated!! Thank you both so much!

Hugs: Huge Hugs to the doctors, nurses and and reception area girls in the emergency at the Cranbrook Hospital. I had to go to the ER on the Sunday of the long weekend and even though it was extremely busy, and you could see how hard the nurses and doctors were working to help everyone they still worked with smiles on their faces. Nurses were always checking on patients in reception area to make sure no one was in distress while they waited. We are so lucky to have such kind and caring doctors and nurses in our ER.

Hugs: To Liz and Kim at the Kimberley Aquatic Centre for being so incredibly pleasant! Thanks for being so helpful. Book your times Everyone!

Hugs: To Heidi and colleagues in the endoscopy unit at Cranbrook Regional Hospital. You are wonderful at what you do, even after long shifts! Many thanks for your professionalism.

Hugs: Shout out to the ladies at Pro Vision at the Tamarack Mall, a 10 thumbs up! They got me in right away when I broke my glasses. Excellent service and good price. Thanks.

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