Hugs and slugs

Hugs & Slugs: Welcome to the ‘Dog Days’ of summer

Hugs: If we can get our local police force to patrol the strip to curb the daily rash of traffic running the red lights before some innocent people get hurt.

Slugs: Huge “Slugs” to the person(s) that left the Canada Dry pop cans along the edge of the Marysville Arena parking lot. Not only did you leave your cans but in your great wisdom decided to rip them in half exposing the sharp metal edges and then throwing them in the tall grass along the edge. Not sure if you are aware but there is a lot of foot traffic in the area including people walking their children and pets not to mention the local wildlife. Maybe next time you can take your garbage with you or feel free to use the garbage cans provided at the adjoining soccer field. I think if you are strong enough to rip a pop can you should be smart enough to not litter.

Hugs: Huge hugs to all the local businesses that provided delicious food for all the MBSS grads this year for prom. I had the pleasure of dealing with Auntie Barb’s Catering, COBS Bread Bakery, Sweet Gestures and Morchella Market & Cafe. Great food and service! Thank you to all of you and to the many other businesses that played a part in making prom amazing!

Slugs: To the “handyman” that my senior mother hired, and paid, to do a small job. When the issue wasn’t fully resolved, the handyman was contacted on different occasions, and repeatedly said that he would come and have a look. However, after various excuses why he couldn’t, my mother had to hire another handyman who came and fixed the problem at no charge. Hugs to the second handyman who knows the meaning of work ethic!

Hugs: Two green thumbs up and hugs to all those who opened their gardens to the public on Sunday. Whether English country jumble, “rock hill”, south facing sunspot, serene sanctuary, or Italian vegetable bonanza, all offered amazing and varied visions of the joys and benefits of playing in the dirt. Thank you for sharing your special spaces with us! (Job well done to the volunteers, and the public produce garden people, too!)

Hugs: To the gentleman in the white truck when I was walking early in the morning on 30th Ave N. There was a mother deer at the side of the road that wasn’t moving. He steered his truck towards the deer and honked his horn to get her to move; however, she wouldn’t. I crossed over to the other side and walked past her and she didn’t come after me. Thank you for trying though.

Slugs: I would like to send slugs to the campers that left their fire smoldering and hot on July 2nd when they left the campsite by the White River bridge at the 44k marker. Unacceptable as there was a river right there to completely extinguish your fire.

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