Hugs and Slugs

Hugs and Slugs

Hugs: Hugs, and thanks to the kind lady who found my purse in a cart at the Mall AND returned it to me!

Hugs: To the Kimberley Overwaitea for their continued support of our Veterans. Overwaitea shows their respect and honour through supporting Military Ames every month. We really appreciate you!

Hugs: To Evan Bueckert and the Mount Baker Band and Choir for the excellent job they did at the Remembrance Day Ceremony.

Hugs: To everyone who organized, participated and who came out to the Remembrance Day Ceremony to honour those who paid dearly for our freedoms.

Hugs: To all the fans, volunteers and sponsors that are supporting the Kootenay Ice. We need more fans to cheer our team on!

Hugs: To the couple three weeks back driving the red car picking garbage at the Jim Smith Lake turnoff. Nice of you both to give up some time to make Cranbrook look better.

Hugs: To the RCMP officer that came back to our house to advise my wife and I to be extremely careful of the telephone scam I had received.

Slugs: A massive slug to Alexandre Des Roches, manager of an Adidas store in Montréal being reopened following renovation for saying a few words in French to “accommodate” the French language media and the city of Montréal. Shame on you, Monsieur Des Roches, and I will no longer buy Adidas products!

Hugs: Huge hugs to the wonderful woman who while at WalMart on Nov. 2, came up to a cashier and handed her a $25 credit for her next customer which was me. Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness. Then while at Save On Foods on Nov. 7, another lady gave me one of her spare bags for my extra things. Wow, what a great city to be living in. Thank you! Merry Christmas to all!

Hugs: For all the good folks at the Food Bank that donate their time to help others less fortunate. Especially evident at the Lethbridge — Ice hockey game.

Hugs: To Allison at Service BC. You are always efficient, thorough, patient and above all kind. Thank you from everyone that comes to your counter!

Hugs: To the bank employee that waved her hands in my face, not once but times! I was crying and there to deal with my deceased Mom’s affairs. (You already knew this, the file was right beside you) Yet, they had not been done after four months! You need to learn manners. Waving your hands in someones face and insisting on looking through papers you were told repeatedly were private and not bank business was beyond unprofessional, never mind rude and ‘controlling’. I truly hope that was just a bad day for you and not your regular way to treat others. Then you tried to make it look like me! I send hugs because I believe you need them more than slugs.

Slugs: To the guy in a Cranbrook neighborhood spreading rumors. Trying to cover up your own lies and bullying? The truth will come out! I wonder what stories you will have to tell then.

Hugs: Huge hugs to P.B. You are struggling with so much right now and I pray you find the help and the healing you need. Please pray for P.B. if you pray when you read this hug.

Hugs: To all who supported our community by showing up at the Winter market.

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