Hugs and Slugs welcomes the rain

Slugs: Why is it that people feel it is alright to go to a city park, walk their dogs without picking up, scream their heads off and disrupt the lives of those citizens who live on the fringe of the public areas. If they allowed these things to happen in their neighbourhoods, their neighbours would have the by-law on them. Grow up, enjoy the parks but act responsibly!

Slugs: Whoever is responsible for taking care of the creek behind the Tamarack mall, shame on you. There is garbage and debris clogging that beautiful creek, and it’s been in that state for months. Do better, it’s disgusting and shameful.

Hugs: To Tiffany who works for Interior Health, Cranbrook Department of Health Centre. Thank you so much Tiffany, you are a delight to deal with. You helped us find paper work to locate our septic.

Hugs: A huge hug to the ladies at Gipman kitchens who assisted me with putting recessed hinges on one kitchen door after a “little” project got away on me and before my husband got home! I even managed to hang the door straight! Much appreciated.

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