Hugs and Slugs: To keep summer simmering …

Hugs and Slugs: To keep summer simmering …

Hugs to Jody and the rest of the tenacious crew at the BBC (Bootleg Bike Co.) for helping me to pull of the biggest and best surprise scheme this side of the Koots. In a year that has seen record bike sales, Jody sourced out, hunted down as it came off the line, and refused to let anyone else get a hold of the dream bike I wanted to sneakily surprise my husband with. Awesome communication, great senses of humour, and super shop music. So happy that I shopped local and I can’t wait to go back!

Hugs to Nolan at Tim Horton’s by the mall for always being so kind and happy when he takes my order. He deserves some recognition because he’s always so nice and makes my day.

Slugs I would like the City of Cranbrook to know that their recycling program is becoming difficult to use.

Not everyone is able to go to the transfer station or will be able to participate in the curbside collection program. There are less recycling bins available in town and none for glass

I feel that it was a big mistake to remove the bins from the Memorial Arena parking lot. It was a convenient location for seniors and people without cars to go to. Occasionally there was a little broken glass but that was due to a bottle falling from someone’s personal bin.

If there is concern about someone being trapped in a bin then perhaps the bins could be locked in a partially open position.

I feel that the citizens of Cranbrook need a friendlier recycle program that is readily available for the use of all citizens.

Slugs to the man at the Tamarack Mall for deciding to bring your leaf blower out to the back of the mall at noon on Friday, July 31st. There were ten vehicles parked along the creek in the shade of the trees with many people, kids & dogs enjoying their lunches in the grassy areas … lunches that were purchased at Cranbrook businesses. We all had to quickly roll up our windows, gather up our belongings, and get out of there before getting covered in dirt and dust, nevermind the deafening noise from the machine. If your purpose was to chase us all out of town, you succeeded!

Hugs: Thank you to the kind gentleman who paid for my produce when my debit card wouldn’t work at Broccoli Head greenhouse last Friday. Your generosity has inspired me to pay it forward.

Slugs: During the past couple of weeks my friends and I have noticed that some bars have completely abandoned all covid-19 protocol. Cleaning tables (before someone sits down), wearing masks, moving tables and chairs etc. We no longer feel comfortable at these establishments and are now going to more responsible locations. At some of these locations social distancing originally in place are now out the window. We see people shaking hands, hugging each other and talking out loud between tables or even having boisterous conversations beside occupied tables with other non participant customers. Some of these locations and they know who they are now see dramatic drop in customers and they wonder why. We now mostly stay home and feel bad that we can’t support them as we would like.

Hugs to Roy Anderson and his efficient crew at East Kootenay Tree Service. They are both professional and knowledgable. They have trimmed my trees numerous times and I would highly recommend them for your tree care.

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