Hugs and Slugs: The voice of the people as the months change over

Hugs and Slugs: The voice of the people as the months change over

Offering heartfelt Hugs, condolences and prayers for the victims, their families and all affected by the senseless shootings in Nova Scotia. Know that Canadians are holding your communities close and sending you strength and courage as you deal with the aftermath of this terrible tragedy. You will rise again…

Hugs: A big hug to Brian Kostiuk, who I don’t know, for a very well written Letter to the Editor on April 21 re. the negative side of town-deer and their potential hazards of carrying ticks onto our properties. Lyme disease can be devastating. Others have written about the potential threat to pets, and the possibility of bringing predators to town.

Hugs: From the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank for the Volunteers that are keeping the Food Bank open. Thanks to the Volunteers for doing all the deliveries but most of all THANK YOU to the Public for all the donations.

Hugs: To those Birthday Parades that brighten an otherwise Bla day. At first I thought they were a means of raising money for Covid 19. Then I thought “what a good idea.”

Hugs: To the girls at the Cranbrook Transfer Station. They go above and beyond to help when needed and keep the transfer station clean and tidy. From the garbage to the recycling we always have a great experience! Thank you always for the smiles.

Hugs: Huge hug to Corrinne for finding and returning my lost anniversary ring, my wife gave it to me 18 years ago so it was very much appreciated.

Slugs: To Canadian Dairy Producers and our supply management system for dumping excess milk products in this time of need rather than lowering prices and donating excess to food banks and other needy charities.

Hugs: Lisa at Max’s place had hot coffee and treats delivered to a friend working at the hospital within 15 minutes of when i called in the order! Thank you for making yummy treats and having exceptional customer service!

Hugs: To Jane, Carolyn, Sivan & Anne – our local midwives, for your continued love, support and care for pregnant and birthing families. It’s not easy having a job like yours right now and we appreciate all you are doing!

Hugs: Jill and all her staff at Centex/Stoke Market & Fulfill in Kimberley. You are going above and beyond to serve our community during this crisis. Thank you!

Hugs: To the polite and helpful young man, Tom, in seasonal at Canadian Tire on Thursday. He helped me find what I wanted so I didn’t have to spend so much time looking. I don’t like shopping these days but he made it easy. I was in and out quickly.

Hugs: Huge Canadian hugs to Scheer and the Conservatives for defending democracy and forcing Trudeau to re-open parliament, preventing him from assuming dictatorial powers.

Slugs: To the people who bring their un-trained household pets into stores pretending they are service dogs! No fun cleaning feces off the floor and placating customers intimidated by aggressive animals.

Slugs: Big Slugs to the vocal minority calling for employers to reopen so they can go to work. Do they not remember their school days history classes? How 200,000 lives were lost in Europe during the Black Plague. Do they not realize that today’s covid virus would be taking as many, if not more lives, if modern science and medical knowledge did not exist. When we are told to close our places of employment there is a very life and death reason to do so. Why not hold a positive parade to praise the life and death efforts being put forth by our Doctors, Nurses, Police and Firemen and women. They are quite literally preserving your lives.

Hugs: To those citizens who believe that our local politicians have anything to do with the lowering of gas prices in Cranbrook or regionally (Hugs and Slugs — April 23, 2020). When the international price of oil goes up again, and along with it the price of gasoline at the pumps in Cranbrook, will you be sending Slugs to our local politicians? Seems that would be fair…

Slugs: With regards to the slug concerning the cyclist who disregarded the safety of pedestrians on the rail-to-trail, pedestrians also have their shares of the blame. How many times I have approached pedestrians from behind, having to crawl to a near stop because they take the entire width of the trail to themselves, I lost count. The word is “sharing” and means an equal sharing of the trails, comrades!

Hugs: Hugs and thank yous to the garbage collector in Pinecrest area. You are the best. Thankyou. Stay well

Hugs: Bigs hugs to all the store clerks and minimum wage workers doing so much for all of us. I will remember you when I win the lottery. God Bless you and stay well.

Slugs: To a specific store for refusing to order in any product over the phone. We are encouraged to shop by phone or online because of COVID-19. I am not very good on the computer so I will not give out my card number online. If I need something and it is not in their store, I cannot order it over the phone or even charge it. I must either order it online or go into the store and order it. That is not my idea of Social Distancing.

Hugs: To the lady in the black Dodge Avenger in front of us in the Dairy Queen drive thru on Sunday. What a lovely gesture to pay for our meals without explanation or expecting a thank you. We will be sure to pay it forward!

Huge hugs to Christie at Signal Collision, Cranbrook, for the excellent customer service I received while having my vehicle repaired. She did an absolutely superb job taking care of all my questions and requests! Thank you very much.

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