Hugs & Slugs

Hugs and Slugs: Halfway through the winter

Hugs to all the staff at Tamarack Medical Clinic for their patience and kindness dealing with ones who can be difficult and tired of this Covid situation. remember the majority thank and appreciate what you do.

Slugs: A huge slug to the dealership in Cranbrook for their absurd quote regarding some front end suspension work on my vehicle-you have lost a long time customer.

Hugs: To our 73-years-young neighbour Gene, for always snowblowing our sidewalks and driveways in the 900 block of 9th Street South. Lots of us are elderly here now and we know that it is hard work for him, so we just want him to know that he is very much appreciated! Thank you Gene!

Slugs: Not sure whose responsibility it is to keep areas clear of snow & ice at the Canada Post mail boxes but there have been a lot of problems trying to access some this winter. I fear someone will fall and get really hurt. Is it up to us citizens to keep shovels & sand at hand to ensure we’re able to retrieve our mail now? At Christmas the boxes were frozen shut and our phone calls were met with deaf ears for days. Come on, Canada Post, this is not the service we’ve come to trust — and pay extra for.

Slugs: To all the local businesses that do not return calls when contacted with regards to local purchases or services. This seems to indicate that they are not respective of their customers, but don’t hesitate to complain when people go out of town due to this frustration.

Hugs: The Mission Thrift Stores thanks the people of Cranbrook and surrounding area for the donations!

Hugs: Huge hugs to the paramedic who hurried across 2nd. St. N. from the ambulance depot on Jan. 17 to sand the extremely treacherous sidewalk ahead of a struggling senior. So much appreciated! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Slugs: To the Baker Street Mall for not allowing patients bathroom access. This is supposed to be a healthcare facility. Open them back up please.

Hugs: Big hugs to Bridge Interiors and Canadian Tire for their generous donation of folding chairs for the Remembrance Day ceremonies so the veterans and seniors were able to sit.

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