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Hugs and Slugs for the early May heatwave

Hugs: To Shannon at the Jaffray Sports and Hardware store. It seems like she is always on site helping customers, and always with a big smile. She genuinely cares about everyone. She buys groceries to stock the store, makes sandwiches, pops popcorn, works the cash, provides a parcel service, keeps the store clean and I’m sure many more things that go unseen. Thank you for providing such an excellent service to the community and to all those who stop enroute to their travel destinations.

Hugs: A huge HUG to the fellow who rescued two senior ladies at the Bottle Depot a few weeks ago. Sorry, I forgot your name (had a dark pickup with a tool box on back, so we hoped and asked). We had a dead battery and without a second thought he quickly rescued us with HIS chargers! Bless You.

Slugs: To cyclists on the rails to trails who ignore the trail rules by failing to announce their presence when passing pedestrians either verbally or by bell. With adjacent highway traffic noise and/or ear plugs contributing either music or audio books for the enjoyment of the walk, unannounced passings are very startling and potentially dangerous! A startled individual can easily cause self-harm by stumbling, losing balance and take a serious fall while the cyclist continues on his/her oblivious way. The trail is for the use and safety of all participants with the practice of proper etiquette at all times. Users of the trail PLEASE respect the signage as posted for the enjoyment and benefit of all.

Slugs: To companies that have no respect or consideration for customers but only see their own bottom line. You will eventually lose your business and deservedly so. People are sick of being taken advantage of!

Hugs: To decent businesses that operate with honesty and respect and hold value of long-term customers over their money making schemes. The love of money is the root of evil in case you didn’t get it… Greed is ugly.

Hugs: To DJ’s Hair Salon. You were very kind to help out a senior who needed some help in regards to purchasing an item from the hospital thrift store. Your kindness did not go unnoticed.

Hugs: Thank you doesn’t seem enough to all the people who struggled and succeeded in getting my husband into our car after he was discharged from the emergency department on Thursday April 27. Your kindness and assistance touched my heart. Also to the young couple who picked my husband up off the cold pavement in Wal Mart’s parking lot and helped him into the car. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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