Hugs and Slugs

Hugs and Slugs for all kinds of weather …

Hugs: A big bro hug to Clint from the city who came up with a loader today to scrape off all of the snow ruts in Summit Place. My wife and I especially appreciate his efforts in removing the snow because all of the melting snow in the cul de sac runs directly to our driveway (thanks Engineering Department) and has in past seeped into our basement.

Hugs: To the five Cranbrook city councillors who voted in favour of the rezoning for the homeless shelter. Thank you for your thorough review and consideration for all Cranbrook citizens. Special hug to Councillor Mike Peabody who reached out to other communities and personally asked about their experiences. Mike eloquently debunked myths and unsubstantiated claims surrounding concerns for the shelter’s location. Thank you Councillors Blissett, Peabody, Popoff, Hudak and Price.

Slugs: To the people who eat the pistachios out of the bulk bin at the grocery store, and throw the shells back in the bin; So… when I buy a bag of pistachios, all I seem to get is just a bag of gosh darn SHELLS!

Hugs: To the people responsible for ploughing the walking /skating trails on Jim Smith Lake. What a thoughtful and generous act that benefits so many people! Thank you

Hugs: To the doctors and staff at Cranbrook Vision Care. You greet every patient with a warm welcome to your safe and friendly office. The care by the doctors is excellent; they are efficient but never rushed, explanations are clear and follow up appointments are made in a timely manner. It is a pleasure to be a patient at your clinic.

Hugs: Hugs and thanks to the man who pulled out our truck from the ditch on 49th street. It is much appreciated!

Slugs: To a few City Council members for not practicing social distancing or wearing masks when unable to social distance. Re: picture in the Feb 4/21 copy of the Advertiser. Your positions in the community hold a higher standard than most and examples should be set by you all.

Slugs: To the lady feeding the ducks in the Tamarack mall parking lot on Thursday, Feb. 4, at 2:45 pm. Easy for you to drive over to the mall in your silver SUV, but not so easy for residents of Joseph Creek Village to pilot their walkers, canes and wheelchairs through the herds of ducks. Not to mention the mess tracked into Joseph Creek on their wheels. Can you not read the signs posted in the parking lot?

Hugs: A great big Hug to the person who found my credit card in the Superstore parking lot on Monday and turned it in to Customer Service. And a thank you to Customer Service for being courteous when I phoned and then went to pick it up.

Hugs: To all the people who stopped to ask if I needed assistance on King Street on Jan. 30. It’s good to know there are people around who are willing to help, even at a distance. Thank you to all. You know who you are.

Hugs: A big hug to Fred at the Cranbrook Cobbler on Van Horne for the super job he did repairing the bag for my leaf blower. Thanks again for your hard work.

Slugs: To the person who slugged the person snow blowing last week at 6:30 am. Did you ever think the person may have to go to work and wanted driveway cleaned out. I’m retired now but sometimes had to do that.

Slugs: Too the recycling system now in Cranbrook…it’s now a joke. Used to go to the one by the old arena, now sometimes I use the business ones (so no more glass recycle for me and 90% of my plastic and cans go into garbage now) and rarely the one at the dump. So last week I decided to go to the dump one and 2 of the paper bins were closed off and the 3rd bin was so full that paper was spilling onto the ground… what a joke it had become plus its such a bottle neck down there so much recycling for me.

Hugs: To the lady who came running out of Pharmasave to tell me where Mr. Morrison’s office was located. Thank you.

Slugs: To the doctors revamping their offices, and raising prices during a global pandemic.

I sure hope higher prices results in more time spent with patients, and overall better patient care.

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