Hugs and Slugs: Dec. 21

Hugs and Slugs: Dec. 21

Slugs: To the yobbo who stole the snow shovel out of my yard in the early hours of Wednesday, Dec. 20. I can see that, being frustrated with trying to get into my car looking for loose change, you’ve decided to move on to bigger things. Though I am sorry to be responsible for your moving to a higher level of crime, I am pleased you’ll be able to make lots of loose change shovelling people’s sidewalks for them with the shovel that once was mine.

Hugs: To the Christmas Carolers that came to the homes on Candy Cane Lane on Tuesday, December 19 during the mega snow fall. Your comments and thanks to us for putting out our Christmas decorations and then singing a beautiful carol really brought the Christmas Spirit to our neighborhood. Thanks you so much for making it a wonderful evening and Merry Christmas to all!

Hugs: To all of the people who put up even one string of lights to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And to my neighbours across the street with many decorations on their front lawns and houses, thank you for blessing me every night with your displays.

Hugs: To all the Wasa Lake Lions members and other volunteers for another absolutely great Christmas Supper and dance. Enjoyed by all!

Hugs: To Randy and the other lovely young man that stopped and assisted my husband Bill Young on December 2/17, when he fell by the Alliance Church. I cannot thank you both enough for all your help getting Bill off the ground, checking him out, and ensuring a safe ride home for both of us. With Love, Bill and Betty Young

Hugs: To the Cottage restaurant for being a fine example of Cranbrook. The exterior is so eye-catching to my visitors from Las Vegas, as is the rhubarb pie. Visitors from North Carolina were taken by the bread and borscht. Visitors from Utah, Texas and South Dakota were all impressed with the food, service and decor. And this from many who have spent time in Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Keep up your good presence.

Hugs: Huge, huge hugs to my Meadowbrook friends Betty Lou, Myrna, Janice and Jenn. Thank you so much for helping save my horse Taya’s life.

Darlene Anderson

Slugs: To the RCMP car that didn’t stop for two pedestrians at the crosswalk at Cranbrook Street, Friday morning, Dec 8. You were coming from Slaterville. I had pressed the crosswalk button and still had two seconds left to get across. Apparently those who make the rules can also break them.

Hugs: To the Colombo Lodge, Rotary Club and Sam Steele Sweethearts for the Senior’s Dinner this year. My wife and I have attended for 26 years and still amazed at how this is pulled every year.

Hugs: Huge Hugs to Steve from Munro Lake who stopped along the highway to change a flat tire for me in the chill of a late afternoon the week of December 4. Many, many thanks Steve. I hope your kindness is returned a hundred fold.

Hugs: A big double hug to Rob at Paulson Fire and Flood for the services and kindness to us in the summer floods. You really went above and beyond on our clean up! Much appreciated!

Hugs: CHEERS to Mike Koch and his friendly, efficient staff at Arrow Motors for the super repair service we received on our Volkswagen Jetta and for the royalty service Mike and Tim gave us when we purchased our Kia Sorrento. Great job. Keep up the good work.