Hugs and Slugs

Hugs and Slugs

Hugs: To “Princess Jessica” at Arrow Motors. You are always very kind and helpful when we take our cars in for service at Arrow Motors. Yes, you are a gem!

Slugs: To the irresponsible owners of the Berniedoodle dog that roams free all the time. We are tired of cleaning up after your dog and fixing broken flowers after his regular visits. Even though our yard is fenced he still finds a way in. We look after our dog but don’t think we should have to clean up the “droppings” for your dog all the time.

Hugs: To the city staff for all of the improvements at Idlewild but slugs for piling all that mud from the bottom of the lake onto the toboggan hill and then not restoring it to its’ “former glory”!

Hugs: To Key City Theatre for using a local contractor for their renovations. What a great facility!

Slugs: To the local executive for not using a local contractor to construct their new building. You need to support us if you want us to support you.

Slugs: Renters should not be blamed for other peoples mistakes in rental units.

Hugs: To the bus driver who delivered my “everything” wallet to my house last week after I had left it on the bus that afternoon. I received it back before I had missed it. Above and beyond!

Hugs: Last Friday I was by the DollarTree and fell and hurt my knee, and a lady came by and helped me up. Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate your tender loving care and first aid that you gave me.

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