Hugs & Slugs

Hugs and Slugs

Hugs: To the lady who came running out of Pharmasave to tell me where Mr. Morrison’s office was located. Thank you.

Hugs: Thank you to whomever delivered a copy of the Advertiser to my residence in the 12th Ave S. area. It’s been so long since I received one (I used to get them regularly). I was so happy to be able sit with my coffee on Sunday morning and actually peruse a newspaper.

Slugs: To the doctors revamping their offices, and raising prices during a global pandemic.

I sure hope higher prices results in more time spent with patients, and overall better patient care.

Hugs: To the Cranbrook Firefighters (Jeff and crew) the B.C. Ambulance crew, the E. R. doctors and nursing staff and the 3rd floor nursing staff. This entire chain treated me with upbeat professional care. Thanks to all.

Hugs: To the Brownie & Sparks leaders here in Cranbrook! They have been doing such a great job with their weekly Zoom meetings! My Grandaughters have been enjoying the Crafts, cooking classes etc! Thank you very much.

Slugs: To the house owners that feed the deer, it creates a real problem when walking my dog in the area.

Hugs: Huge hugs to Kelly from Canadian Tire, although obviously very busy he very patiently answered questions about a particular product I was wanting to purchase. He was very thorough and I will be coming back to Canadian Tire again because of his customer service.

Slugs: To the couple who, last Saturday just after 4 pm, allowed their large uncontrolled off leash dogs to chase the young whitetail deer in the meadow beside Joseph Creek and the Rotary Trail off 4th St S. Downright cruel, besides being against several laws.

Hugs: To Mayor Pratt and Councillor Graham for voting against the location of the homeless shelter. While they lost the vote, they won the respect of many Cranbrook citizens for the stand they took. Area crime will increase, children will not be safe using the area recreation facilities such as the arenas, soccer dome, skateboard park and BMX track. Downtown businesses will suffer as elderly citizens will be afraid to walk downtown or go for health walks for fear of aggressive panhandlers. The mayor and councillor suggested looking at other sites and then picking the best one. This is what should have been done.

Hugs: To The Tipsy Canvas painters, you have really put a smile on my Dad’s face by bringing him, first a Christmas and now a Valentine’s painting. It’s been a really rough year so thank You Ladies XOXO

Hugs: Huge hugs to the residence/snow angels of 6th Ave, Lois Creek. You are awesome neighbours!

Hugs: To the police officer for patroling the 7th Avenue/Gyro Park area. Good job!

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