Hearsay and gossip

MMA instructor dismayed by RCMP comments on eve of event.

I am writing in response to an article in the June 4th issue of the Daily Townsman entitled “RCMP brings in gang unit for fight weekend.” As the owner of the only gym in town teaching legitimate MMA I was a little disturbed by the tone of the article. My partner and I run a family-oriented gym that not only focusses on teaching life skills to children but also supports law enforcement by offering special pricing for people working in this dangerous field. In fact I have had many forward thinking Law Enforcement Officers come to me for training over the years both for recreation and to assist them in their day to day jobs.

What disturbed me about the article was one statement in particular: “(Sgt Mark) Jordan said that his unit has firsthand information that members of organized crime own and operate gyms where mixed martial arts training is taught.” Thank you very much Sgt Mark Jordan.  As the co-owner of the only gym that teaches mixed martial arts in Cranbrook you just tarnished my reputation. We have done nothing but work our butts off to keep a positive atmosphere at our gym and open our hand to welcome members of Law Enforcement.

Perhaps instead of wasting the taxpayers money policing a sporting event the RCMP would be better off cleaning their own house. I think it is disgusting that instead of spending money fixing their own problems the RCMP would rather send it’s members on a paid vacation to watch an MMA event and spread unsubstantiated rumours that defame the reputations of local business owners. The promoters of this event must be horrified by the RCMP’s attempt to interfere with their ability to earn an honest living.

I know that most police officers are hardworking dedicated men and woman who do nothing but good for our citizens so I will continue to support them. We will also continue offering MMA to people who are interested in making the hard effort it takes to train in MMA.

I would like to ask Sgt Jordan to think before he speaks about hearsay and gossip to the media because as a member of the RCMP he needs to work with facts not spread rumours.

Joel Huncar

Rocky Mountain Academy of Martial Arts.