Getting Results for B.C. Business

February 16, 2015, marks the beginning of Chamber of Commerce Week.

David H. Hull

February 16, 2015, marks the beginning of Chamber of Commerce Week.

An opportunity for Chambers of Commerce across British Columbia to showcase their hard work on behalf of business communities across the province.

This year, the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce, along with all BC Chambers, are celebrating the theme of “Leadership in Action” – a theme which highlights the leadership Chambers collectively bring to their business communities, to ensure B.C. is a business-friendly jurisdiction with strong opportunities for all citizens.

This leadership delivers results. As a result of the B.C. Chambers’ vigorous advocacy the federal and provincial governments, working in partnership, were able to deliver a significant win for B.C.’s businesses: the launch of the Canada Job Grant in B.C.

This program provides employers with the opportunity to apply for up $10,000 in training funds. The Canada Job Grant, funded by the Government of Canada and administered by the Province of B.C., is an innovative cost-sharing program that helps employers offset the cost of training for new or current employees.

Additional positive changes that the Chamber network has led for B.C. businesses in many areas include:

Encouraging balanced budgets at all levels of government;

Continuing to call for solutions to B.C.’s skills gap; and

Encouraging municipalities to actively support local economic development.

The Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce, as active and engaged member of the BC Chamber of Commerce, joins Chambers throughout the province as part of B.C.’s most extensive business policy development process.

This process brings B.C. businesses’ innovative ideas and on-the-ground insights to B.C.’s decision makers, and helps shape an ever more business-friendly province. Chamber network policies span from fiscal and tax policy to infrastructure to industry and sector specific issues.

At the local level, Chambers throughout B.C., of which the Cranbrook Chamber is a recognized award winning leader, are catalysts for change.

These Chambers provide the Industrious grass roots efforts to bring together business and community leaders to chart a course to successfully take their respective communities forward to a sustainable future.  No other organization represents the entire depth and breadth of the business community and the economy.

The Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce has a long and successful record of working with those within their sphere of influence to achieve positive results in matters affecting the economy of Greater Cranbrook.

As your Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce joins the rest of B.C. celebrating Chamber Week, don’t miss the opportunity to swing by the Chamber office and aquatint yourself with the staff and celebrate the leadership, energy, and can-do attitude that your Chamber, in collective efforts with B.C.’s Chambers, bring to our community and the province as a whole.

David D. Hull is the Executive Director of the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce.